Bye bye breakfast blues

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Breakfast, as we all know is the most important meal of the day. But very few of us actually pay attention to such details when we are rushing for college and work. So, if you think grabbing a Bagel on the way is doing a favour for your body, believe me you are so wrong. We are all extremely busy people with exhausting schedules, so you might as well wake up a little early and enjoy a healthy meal before you take on the day. Another trick about a whole and healthy breakfast is to just modify it slightly with delicious fruits and whole grains,while keeping in mind the time crunch. It helps in time management and gives you the required boost to walk through the day with zest. Therefore, the only two things you need to do early morning is eat breakfast and eat healthy breakfast. Trying to follow a diet in the morning, is the worst practice ever, since you body is depleted off 80% of the energy from the previous night. Therefore, if you don’t eat enough your body will start conserving energy and will not burn the additional calories, thereby reducing your metabolic rate. The perks of eating healthy is that it boosts your immune system and protects you from a host of viruses and infections, that might otherwise easily attack your body. Food is the ultimate shield against such infections. And since we all love eating, here is a list of things you should try out for breakfast from tomorrow.

The best way to load up on the energy is to follow a diet plan which is rich in anti-oxidants, Carbohydrate, Omega 3, fibre and Vitamin D. That way your body receives all the major nutrients along with sources from which to derive the energy. Carbohydrates are a must in the morning, since when broke down they provide food for the brain keeping you happy and elated through the day. Each of these nutrients are essential for breakfast.

1. Whole Wheat Pancakes

Whole wheat flour with eggs rich in omega 3 along with flaxseed and cinnamon turns a sinful meal into a healthy and delicious one. Many of do not realise that pancakes are rich in macro nutrients and micro nutrients.  In fact a hundred gram serving of pancake is full of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and saturated fats along with calories (so try to use a minimum amount of maple syrup).


2. Cream of Wheat with Maple syrup, Walnuts and Cranberries

Cream of Wheat is a very filling and healthy food source, especially when topped off with soy milk which gives you the calcium content and Walnuts and flaxseed packed with Omega 3. It is a well balanced diet that will give you all the energy you need.


3. Egg Spinach Tomato Sandwich

The Egg Spinach Tomato Sandwich sounds healthy and filling. The Omega 3 and protein of the eggs, the vitamins and anti – oxidants of the Spinach and  the tomatoes is a brilliant combination of delicious food with energy boosting capacities. And all of this is easily available at the grocery stores. So it requires no hustle.


4. Coconut Rice Pudding with Raspberries

A combination of brown rice with coconut milk and honey provides the perfect amount of carbohydrates and sugar, which actually keeps you in a happy mood all day, since carbohydrates are food for the brain. Top it off with toned milk and raspberries for calcium and fibre content.

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5. Lemon Blueberry Scones

Yes scones can be considered as healthy, is that not cool? I mean they are rich in Omega 3 from flaxseed,  whole grain pastry flour, dry oats for fibre, calcium and Vitamin D from Yoghurt and Milk and anti-oxidants from blueberries! The best action packed breakfast ever.

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6. Yoghurt Parfait

Yoghurt is healthy. Period. What you add with it is important, like flaxseed or walnuts or almonds along with fruits which are full of anti oxidants and little bit of honey. It will be the perfect breakfast and is packed with benefits.


7. French toast

Brown bread and eggs are filling and beneficial for your heath. The carbohydrate content and the omega 3 rich eggs are perfect to kick start the day with the proper energy boost. Not to mention it is easy to make and that too within the time limit.

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So out of these seven breakfast menus which one would you go for? The entire point is to try and live as healthy a life as possible so that later, if you are admitted in a hospital for reasons that were not in your control you would not blame yourself. But, you do not want the kind of regret that follows after leading a life driven by gluttony, lethargy and greed. By the time you realise the seriousness and  importance of the situation it will be too late. Plus the healthier you are the better you will feel about yourself and your life. So get rid of all the laziness and the excuses that come with it and eat a healthy breakfast to feel better and stronger every day. Time to hit the stores, folks because it is time to revolutionise breakfasts.