Can the Bad be Good?

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Why can’t you wake up early/sleep early? Stop biting your nails! Put your things back in place! All this might sound quite familiar, right? Well, when you have some bad habits, it is pretty common to have parents, friends, relatives, teachers and others who keep pestering you about it. But what if you can tell them that these habits are actually beneficial for you? Yes! Some habits can, in fact, be a blessing in disguise. Let’s look at how some of your bad habits can help you and give you a reason not to get rid of them.


1. Running Late

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This is something we have been hearing since our childhood. We have been told that to stay energetic and productive the whole day, you should get up early. But, take a look at this. Sleeping in late can help in better organization of your memory, hence enhancing your long-term memory power. Sleeping late into the morning can help in learning things better. That doesn’t mean you sleep for so long that you end up missing your bus or reach office late.


2. Missed your Shower

Not taking a bath once in a while won’t harm you. Instead, it would lead to water being saved, which means you are indirectly helping the environment. Also, the natural oils which keep the skin hydrated and nourished are lost with frequent washing. Moreover, necessary bacteria which help in keeping diseases at bay get washed away. But, because of these reasons, one shouldn’t avoid bathing as and when they like. Skipping bath is not a problem, but maybe on a day when you don’t intend on going out or doing anything physical, would be a better idea.

3. Fidgeting Around

Playing with the cap of a pen, making paper planes, shaking your leg or tapping the table are some of the things we do when we start getting restless. Whether it is in class, at work, at home or anywhere, the moment you start losing interest in what’s happening, you start fidgeting. Researchers have found out that fidgeting can help in burning around 300-400 calories every day. It also facilitates prevention of weight gain. Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are more likely to concentrate better when they fidget. Fidgeting does not imply annoying others by vigorous movements or distractive noises.

4. The Volcano Erupts

Many a times you are in these situations where things are getting on your nerves. You want to shout it all out, punch something or break something. But then you remember that it isn’t a good habit to be angry or upset and that you should stay calm. However, losing your temper once in a while isn’t bad, but in fact is necessary so that you don’t get lost in the sea of emotions. Releasing your emotions helps in letting go of stress and reducing the risk of a heart attack. Of course, you shouldn’t go around venting your anger every now and then.


5. Chocolate Temptations

Barring a few, I am sure everyone likes chocolate and can’t resist it! And obviously, there are a few who avoid it to keep a watch on their weight. But as much as you think, it isn’t that bad a treat to indulge in (considering you have it in moderate amounts). Chocolate contains antioxidants which reduce the risk of having a stroke. They prevent blood clots and help in preventing the growth of cancerous cells, hence increasing your lifespan. And we all know that munching on a chocolate bar gives us an instant boost of energy.


6. Gossiping Away

All of us have friends who say that they don’t gossip and talk about others behind their backs. But some time in their life, they have definitely indulged in this activity. Gossiping is undeniably not a good practice as well as a sheer waste of time. But if you indulge in healthy gossiping, then it is beneficial for you as well as for others around you. It will help you bond with the people you are talking to, overcome anxiety and will act as a stress-buster. But, you should ensure you don’t get carried away with it.

7. Chew it Away

Chewing gum is said to improve short and long-term memory. It stimulates the satiety center of the brain, giving a feeling of being full and hence making you eat less. But you should make sure you have sugar-free ones. Ensure you are not chewing during a meeting or any formal occasion. An remember to dispose it off properly in a dustbin as it is harmful to animals and they may die due to choking.


Now, many of us would have some or all of these habits and might be thinking – now I have an excuse to stop mom (or anyone else) from bugging me to get rid of my habit! But remember, an overdose of anything is never good. If you don’t control yourself, then these good things will eventually turn into bad habits.