Charge Up Your Workout Session With Music

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The effects of music while working out have been long debated over for a long time. While some people think it is a distraction, experts overtime have researched the positive effects of music while working out. No doubt it elevates ones mood, music is also said to increase ones output while working out by 15% said a study conducted by Sport Research Group of Brunel University England.

Ancient connection of music and training:

To look at the positive effects of music while training, one needs to go back in time to Ancient Greece. Greece, the country which gave birth to Olympic Games, was home to one of the best athletes in the world. Back in 776 BC in Greece, running was considered to be an important part of their culture. They took their training very seriously and one of the most important parts of their training was music.

It is said that Aulos (an ancient Greek wind instrument) was played during their training. A special Aulos player was hired by the gym to play in rhythm of their practice session. Athletes trained themselves in the tempo of the instrument.

Apart from running, the Roman galleys had a drummer on board who used to beat the drum in a specific tempo of the rowing, which every rower followed. It was important for the rowers to row together and this would provide excellent co-ordination between them.

Music and workout in present day:

High recommendation is given to working out with music in the modern world today. Every gym and fitness center focuses majorly on music. Trance music with fast tempo and exhilarating beats is mixed with heavy workout sessions. Gym owners have themselves seen the difference.

“You can switch off the music and see the athletes and trainers cooling down into a monotonous training session with less effort being given to the exercises.”
Says a local gym owner.

Radio stations have taken this type of workout to new heights when online radios such as,, and many others featured radio stations playing music you can workout to 24×7.


How music affects you while get fit:

  • Your efforts increase: A recent study on cyclists in 2010 showed a gradual increase in their output with fast beat music. They cycled differently at different tempo of music. So you can basically just switch on to the faster music when you need the push.
    Music also tricks your mind into thinking that less effort is being put into the workout and thus you can extend your workout sessions.
  • Brings out the need to move: It is obvious that when you listen to music, you start moving. There’s nothing you could do about it and this can work out in your favor while exercising. This is the quality of music, it stimulates your brain and in turn it wants the listener to groove with it! Because of this, you would want to workout and sweat out more than you would want without music.
  • Distract yourself out of exertion: While you are working out, exertion is looming around. There’s no running away from it, but whenever music hits your ears, it distracts you from the forthcoming exhaustion. Fast beat music is better when you want to take your mind off the high paced workout.
  • Takes you out of the pain, into pleasure: There’s no denying to the fact that we have a song, a song that drags out any lingering stress or pain and puts you in contemplation mode. We associate certain feeling or memories with those songs. Directing those feeling or memories into the workout can work as a motivation booster and make you train harder.
  • Steady the workout rhythm: We all have a rhythm or pace at which we workout. That’s not the problem. What the problem is keeping that pace steady. Music helps you to stabilize that rhythm of your workout. However beats of 120-140 beats per minute are often associated with healthy workout rhythm. This is because our heart beats in the similar rhythm while working out. Anything fast or slow may not work out in your favor.
  • Feeling low? Plug in and feel better: There are times when it’s hard for us to concentrate while working out. Something or the other always keeps occurring in our ever changing lives. You can enter the dimension of music to escape those thoughts and workout keeping only fitness on your mind.


While working out to music: No doubt music helps us get into that perfect rhythm to train to, but make sure you do it the right way. You don’t want yourself in a bad workout state due to introduction of music in your workout sessions.

  • Choose your playlist wisely. Start with songs of slow beats per minute (bpm) from 80-90. This will help you get into a steady warm up pace. Once you are done with the warming up and ready for heavy workout switch the music to 120-140 bpm music. This will help your heart synchronize better with the fast paced beats and you follow in to high paced work out. However songs above 140 bpm might not do you any good.
  • Keep the volume average. Do not hear music with excessive volume or it may do you more harm than good. Working out with high volume will increase the pressure in your ear and it may result in ringing ears, increased pressure in ears, temporary loss in hearing taking a recovery time of around 16-18 hours. Extreme cases may lead to permanent damage.

Taking it to the next level: Experts say, that making music while working out may be the next level of working out with music. Often athletes or trainers while working out drown out stress and pain and start altering music in their head. This may be the best way of coming up with new music and remixes.

So if you’re working out with music and suddenly find yourself making new music, don’t be surprised, get off that treadmill, sit with you instrument and make music.

Find the final push with music while working out and take your fitness to the next level.