Charity begins at home

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We all often strive for work place excellence , social excellence ,excellence in every field other than home. We fail to realize that it is our internal system that requires excellence and all the others is eventually fall in place. We take our family members and close friends so much for granted that we end up not treating them correctly. We speak   about changing the world, changing the system and what not, but what about our attitudes towards our families, our loved ones? Is that justified? In fact we take them so much for granted that we backfire them unknowingly, throw all our troubles on them and just because we know that they will never  stop being there for you no matter what happens, we treat them lowly. They sacrifice so much for us , do what  ever it takes to make us happy and we get annoyed merely by their one phone call incase we are busy. Ask someone who doesn’t have a parent, the meaning of a parent someone who is the only child, the longing of having a sibling. Then only will you realize how privileged and fortunate you are to have what you do. Even as you read along, you may still not be understanding the depth of the situation but that’s how it is. “There’s some tragedy in every comedy and a comedy in every tragedy”.

You have to achieve your position in this world by striving hard and being compassionate and only then can you talk about charity or treating people less than you well. Not until then. Everyone is humble and nice when faced with a problem. Not many can carry it forward when they reach heights. All of us always follow the “Do Have Be” principle. ie, We  do certain things in life in order to have certain things in order to finally become someone. But the opposite should always be, “Be Have Do” We must always first be the person we strive for on order to have certain things and hence do certain tasks.

So where can we begin? These are the few steps

–          Give your mom/dad a huge hug. They will become so happy and might even break down due to sheer happiness that they also are acknowledged. This also shows your sensitive side to them and that you understand them too.

–           Celebrate every anniversary, birthday at home religiously. No matter how busy you are, the least you could do is message them or bring home a flower or a cake from work to show that you care.

–          Celebrate every small success with your family. No matter how small it is, maybe even buying a pet. But do not forget to celebrate it. It matters.

–          Always be polite and don’t lose patience . We often tend to lose patience with our family members because we know that they will understand. But lets not lose our patience for once and be there with them always. For a friend may leave you, but your family never will.

–          Motivate them

Say all your mom does is cook and watch television. Take her to the movies, take her to the coolest coffee shop , buy her a perfume and you’ll instantly see the change in mood and relationship degree with her. Best part is, these moments are treasured forever.


There’s no point being good with the world outside or with people who don’t even matter when someone close to you, at home is not happy or your relationship with your parents is soiled. In fact your relationship with family must be so strong that nothing in the outside can effect it.

You must always strive to be the person who is with them for them   and realize that people other than family seldom matter. A strong family bond not only makes you richer and wiser but enhances your personality a lot more. It adds to the happiness quotient in your life and once you are really good at home you automatically become sensitive and open to people outside. It is then not a conscious effort and done with a pure mind. You become the bigger person.

Moreover family and relationship bonds are given utmost importance in our culture, mythology. However these days, most family strings are loose and the happiness lies only in the exterior. Parents are bereft, money plays a huge role in the social well being, loneliness is widespread, human ties are diminishing. But you have to strive to make it work always and develop yourself to such an extent that no institution, body, person can ever point a finger at you or deny you of anything.

Look at the strong , influential ,rich people. All of them give utmost importance to family bonds and have kept them very close to themselves. They have often declared that since they are what their family is, it goes without saying that family is like a temple. Your family is what you are and You are what your family is. Yes charity is good, but again, it always begins at home.