Chesapeake Bay- Its a Quinn thing

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When the name, the character from a book brings a smile to your face, you have indeed realized the true joy of reading. This article is about the Quinn brothers saga, the Chesapeake Bay saga by Nora Roberts.  The followers of Nora Roberts will vouch by this statement that her trilogies and sagas’s have that feel and the chemistry which can make you yearn for a life like that. I have picked this one as it is perhaps the closet one to my heart till date .

The saga has four parts for the four quinns, Cameron, Ethan, Philip and Seth. This feels wrong, it all actually starts from the mighty Quinn, Ray and Dr.Stella. Situated in the picturesque town by the bay where fishing and sailing are a part of life, the Quinns are a happy couple who are epitome of kindness and love. They have no kids and when the hooligan of a boy tries to steal Dr. Stella’s Car, Ray catches him, towers over him; the kid gets scared and passes out! With doctor in the house, they tend him, feed him and he becomes Cameron Quinn, their eldest one just like that. In some time, the Dr. finds another lost soul in the hospital, who is afraid of the very touch of another human, having faced unspeakable terror in short 14years of his life. He becomes their second, Ethan Quinn. Lastly comes the city thief of a kid, barely 14, already shot and a breath away from death. Phillip is taken in the lot, becomes the third brother.


With tact and talent, Nora Roberts unravels the tangled threads of their life. The first book  Sea Swept is the tale of Cameron. He likes speed and goes in search of it. He races, cars, bikes, boats anything he can. The news that his father is breathing his last brings all of it to standstill, with him rushing home to find a little boy curled up on the hospital chair along with his brothers. Ray makes them promise that they will take the kid in, make him a Quinn, enters Seth Quinn. No questions asked the brothers take the kid in. Cams fast paced life takes a 360 degree turn and he is back to the bay. Amides the rumor that Ray is the father of the kid, the brothers journey back to their home, leaving their life to keep a promise to the man who changed it all for them. The Social worker for Seth is the Anna who becomes the right one for Cam. The crackling love story, the situations that they face, and their past they come to term with and the hope of a future. This is all beautifully laid out for Cam and Anna has fire. The way their life begins and how they let the adventure sweep them away into something more than they could have ever dared to ask.


Ethan fights his devils in his dreams. They leave him shocked even after decades. He is happiest on the water, fishing and living on his own. A silent strength, a man of patience, he is the brooding, silent one who is just dependable. In Rising tides we see the life of Ethan, his confusions, his love for Grace, the idea that he could never make a move on her, that he dint deserve something so pure. He stayed back with Ray in the bay, he resented is brothers leaving to live, he kept the promise to Ray and took Seth in.  The connection he has with Seth, the balm of understanding for the boy. What the boy feels what he felt as a boy, the sadness and anger over the spoiled innocence and the smile for the man he becomes, the story traces it all. Ethan is the role model for he is strong, silent, and passionate and more than that he is whole in the way no one else can be. The love story of Ethan and Grace will have you curl your toes, smack yourself and shake your head for it has beauty in its simplicity. The Rising tide brings in a new shore which the two have to comprehend. The love between Grace and Seth is touching and Audrey is a bundle of joy for Grace and for everyone in their universe.


Philip is slick and sophisticated with a city life, marketing job and a silver tongue. He is the one who took to school, learned and honed himself into someone who wears suits, drinks fancy wines and can’t be traced to the streets. He meets his lady, Sybil, who has troubles of her own. A challenge for it threatens to tear his family apart. A tale that tells you that love and trust goes together; if one is absent the other is an illusion. Inner Harbor brings home the point that when you love you trust, period.


Chesapeake Blue is the story of Seth who goes on to become a world renowned artist and painter. He comes home, finds the love of his life, Dru, and here is the point where all the demons of past are laid to rest. Audrey is all grown up, the added family members add a jolt to the story and the happiness radiates far and wide. Then comes Gloria, the past the truths and a new layer to the family dynamics.

The sheer male bonding, the abashed acceptance that they love each other, the fights the care takes your breath away. The idea that they drop everything to rush back to Ray, the plan to set up a boat building business to create a united front for Seth, the ladies who each brings in stability and security for Seth, the talks they have which speaks volumes to the reader, the house by the bay and the tradition to throw each other right into the water when the return home, and of course the dogs who are always around to complete the family picture.

Stories which speak to you become a part of your life and this saga is surely one of them. A perfect book for a rainy day and a cup of coffee.