Where are the chocolates?

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As kids we love eating chocolates and can practically survive on it. It is the most pure and simple form of delight a child can experience. However, as we grow older, we forget such pleasures and indulge in being mature amidst a lot of day to day hustles and cacophony. We must in fact forget everything and indulge in chocolate temptations .It is not only a mood stimulator but improves one’s life in a big way. Chocolate releases happiness hormones and always helps .It can be the solution to so many everyday challenges. Just that one bite of chocolate .It  is not only a panacea, but also a stimulant .Let us further look into the benefits.

- It can make you better with Maths and Analysis

Chocolate improves your blood flow in the brain. After drinking hot chocolate, you do calculation more quickly and are less likely to feel tired or mentally drained out.

- Makes you feel better

The reaction is similar to the one that people experience when they fall in love. Chocolate doubles excitation rates in the brains pleasure center during a kiss, especially in women.

-It fills you up

Have chocolate before your lunch or dinner and watch your moms reaction. This essentially fills your appetite .Dark chocolate has more of the effect.

-Chocolate helps you relax

Reach out for a chocolate bar when you’re stressed .There’s a reason for  that. Chocolate contains a compound that activates the same brain receptors as marijuana.

-Chocolate may help you live longer

According to a study, candy consumption can help you live longer- almost a full year longer than those who abstain from sweet stuff. Many people found that heart attack survivors who ate chocolate were less likely to die than those who went without it.

Stick to a few bites serving to get your fix without wrecking your waistline.

Did you know Chocolate Tasting is a very lucrative career option?

This requires eating, tasting heroic amount of chocolate, developing new flavours and travelling all around the world to source the best ingrediants. EVERYTHING goes well with chocolates.

Lets delve into the career choices

-Artisanal Enterpreneur

Many of those who launch artisanal chocolate shops love chocolates not business. The employees are some very “creative chocolatiers”.

-The tester

The hardest jobs to fill are sensory technologists. People who can distinguish between the “Really good” and “Really great”. They need to understand the reaction to a new chocolates appearance ,ease of opening, how quickly it melts in the mouth. They also need to know regional preferances.

-Cocoa farmer

It is a labour intensive process and the pods must be harvested individually because they do not all ripen at once. Yet for someone who’s interested in chocolate, spending a few months at a chocolate farm could be an excellent career starter.

-Chocolate Sculptor

Out of hunks of chocolate, they fashion Easter Bunnies on the beach ,beautiful white chocolate orchids, miniature houses and skyscrapers. Their work graces wedding cakes, charity parties and luxurious corporate events. Many of them prefer working for chocolate shops.


He matches chocolates to wines and to peoples tastes.

Few facts that is mandatory for a chocolate lover to know

–          Dark chocolate  has more cocoa and less sugar than other chocolates  so it is considered healthier than milk and white chocolate.

–           The mere smell of chocolate increases brain waves

–          Because chocolate contains high doses of caffeine and sugar, they are largely to blame for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children.

–          White chocolate isn’t technically chocolate  as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquid

–          It takes approximately 400 cocoa beans to produce one gram of chocolate

–          The inventor of chocolate chip cookie  sold the idea to Nestle in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

–          M&M’s were created as a means  for soldiers  to enjoy chocolate  without it melting.

–          There are potato chips dipped in milk chocolate

–          Chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and protects against tooth decay.

–          Hershey produces more than 80 million chocolate “Kisses” every day

–          A single chocolate chip can give you enough energy  to walk 150 feet

–           The word chocolate comes from “Xocolatl “, the Aztec word that means “Bitter water”

So what are you waiting for? Are you going to read this and then start off ? get up and Grab that bar. Always remember especially when you’re in a bad mood, that chocolate will elevate your mood .It will essentially help you revive the crassness and be active again.

There is hardly anything better than gifting someone chocolates. It is an immediate happiness syndrome and can’t be faked. This is precisely why chocolate cafes have opened up at so many places. They have essentially become very popular over the times and still to come. People do need a chocolate break , something that will keep then on the run .However one needs to know where to draw the line since ,  too much of anything is not good.

“In a group of 10 people, 9 out of 10 always love chocolate .And the 10th one is lieing”