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Everyone on this Planet Earth has a born desire to win. But, to win, one must not only have a desire to win, but also a plan, preparation and expectation to win. Many people have the desire to achieve something in life but still keep themselves from trying out the uncommon due to many fears. One such fear is a fear of failure! Many people fear what if they fail trying something new. But later, at their falling years, regretting that they could have tried and that they missed a marvelous opportunity in life is not going to fetch the time gone back to us. We better do it today instead of going crazy tomorrow that we could have done it yesterday!

We should never be afraid of failure and things come and go in life and success and failure too are those two factors that are not constant in life. We may succeed today and fail tomorrow but again succeed day after tomorrow. We may choose something to do today and may go further with it and resist to go further or we may even change our plans and escape from it! What ever it may be, life is not going to stop.

Suppose we fail in an attempt of ours today, well we have another opportunity tomorrow! The list of opportunities never end till we end of life! The most important thing we all need to consider is to utilize every opportunity in hand and work hard towards the success of it so that we do not tend to see a day in future where we regret of letting the opportunity go.

We can always consider what winners do in their everyday life so that they can win! Let us see what we can do today to win!


Belief is what life is all about and we all believe in something or the other. When we believe it, we should never give up the belief. A very curious yet true fact to note down is that, J K Rowling, the author of super successful Harry Potter was initially rejected by many publishers. They didn’t like his work. If he had lost his belief, we would have never seen Harry Potter perhaps.

We should always consider ourselves spending our day with the right people who can lead us to victory. Bad set of people demotivate us and thrash us but the right set of them can actually stand by us whenever we need. We need to understand who is right and who is wrong for us.

We all know that the time once gone is gone forever. Our life depends on the present. What we are today is important rather than what we were yesterday. Bringing back our yesterday to today is not something that would result in good future. A mistake made yesterday should be taken as a lesson today and work with great hopes of the right output. After all, we all are humans and we make mistakes. Even Einstein had made mistakes in his life. Through mistakes alone is what we learn!

To win, one must always be happy deep within his inner self. This life of ours is truly a gift given to us by a supreme power known as GOD. We need to thank ourselves daily morning and also always remember to smile always. Smiling is a very positive posture which can communicate the willingness and confidence is us. Every morning we need to open our eyes with a dream to accomplish and a confidence of making best out of the day.

We should always keep in mind that no road to victory is a straight one. It is full of curves and humps. Sometimes something may hurt us in our journey towards victory, but we should never get worried. After all the most beautiful flower, Rose is not easy to pick due to its thorns! The same way, to get something good, we usually undergo some pain.

As we climb the ladder of success, we all know that there are people around us who are not able to tolerate our success stories. What we can say here is that, unless one walks in our same path in our same shoes, he cannot judge the ups and downs we have faced. We all are unique with unique stories about everyone.

Every person in this world need some love to success in his life. The love may be from anyone. But the love he receives keep reminding that there are people who care for his success and thus making him work harder.

A highly victorious person is really one who never blames others for his deeds. We might succeed or fail in the next few years, but the entire responsibility of each and every deed by him is held responsible by him alone.

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