Choosing the right outfit

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right outfit

“Clothes are never a frivolity, they always mean something “.I remember the other day I saw a girl dressed up so serenely in an illustrious allure party wear with full of elegance that anyone who looks at her would give a second look . That moment I felt that dresses are not something that you just put it on but it’s a way to tell who you are without speaking. Yeah! Is it not? I don’t mean to be a fashion freak but I prefer choosing the right dress that brings the best in me. To choose the right dress for yourself, you must know about yourself, by character and by physique. By character I mean your present state of mind whether you are happy, excited, depressed, moody or spirited, it must express your inner feelings. By physique, you must know what shape you are in whether circle-shaped, triangle-shaped, rectangle-shaped or hour-glass shaped. Apart from these the occasion to which you are getting dressed up, the weather of the place you live in and the people who you are going to meet up also has its own role to play.

Everyone has a different shape, but the thing is that you need to dress in a way to accentuate your positives and hide your flaws. You must make yourself appear fit when you dress up. Your dress must boost your self-confidence and make you feel comfortable. Dressing is an art in which anyone can become a master no matter how you look in appearance. Your dress must enhance your beauty and should make you look the best. Trends keep changing and you must put your efforts to be fashionable. Sometimes it is not just that you keep following trends but you may sometimes become a trendsetter too! Wearing a full sleeve or an overcoat in a hot weather, wearing a sleeve-less or a short in cold weather makes yourself uncomfortable and so it’s important that you keep in mind the weather of the place you live in. You must not be outdated in your dressing, for this you must have a track on what’s new in the market and the current trend. Wearing old-fashioned clothes makes you unimpressive and not appealing. The clothe you wear shows your attitude, style and character.

The Size Matters

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose for your body. Size of your cloth matters a lot. A tight cloth makes you look fat and sometimes shapeless.  The dress you wear must create an illusion that your body is fit. Dark colors like black and dark blue makes you look thinner. Sometimes top and bottom of the same color also makes you look slim. Try belts if you are pretty thin if not avoid wearing it along with a tucked in shirt. Wearing too large dresses exaggerates your figure. Wear correct size dresses to look the best. You may try on an overcoat if you are so thin to make up your body.

Unique Color Combos

Color of your cloth must suit your complexion.  Dark colored clothes make you look fairer. Make sure that you avoid too bright colors that may be garish. Don’t just wear clothes of single color; instead try two to three different color combinations. Your top and bottom must not be too contrast, try relevant colors. Prints around your neck and the shoulders makes your shoulders look broader. Avoid prints all over your dress which will be unimpressive.

Quality of your Dress

Check whether the quality of the dress you wear is good or not. Avoid dresses that fade away, shrink or tear just on a single wash. Follow the instructions on the label of the cloth for best maintenance. Dry your clothes in shade and wash with care.

Know your body type

Know your body type. Most of the women fall into any of these four categories circle-shaped, triangle-shaped, rectangle-shaped or hour-glass shaped. If you are thick around the middle, you are circle-shaped; if you have narrow shoulders and torso than your hips, you are triangle-shaped; if you have a straight-up and down figure, you are rectangle-shaped and if you have an ample chest and narrow waist it is hour-glass and it is considered as the shape of angels.

Circle-shaped: Wear dresses that hide the mid-section and preferably a dark colored one.

Triangle-shaped: Wear dresses with enhanced shoulders and collars.

Rectangle-shaped: Wear boyish dresses that have a straight cut.

Hour-glass shaped: Wear dresses that have a curve cut, curved towards the mid-section.

Accessories Add Value

Accessories make up your dressing. The accessories that you wear must suit the type of your dress and the occasion you are dressing for. If you are going to attend a wedding, a beautiful dress with a decorated necklace would be right choice. Do remember not to wear so many jewels as it may make your dress look dull. A decorated dangling would be a right choice for a party wear. Simply jewelry is preferred on a team outing or on a casual outing.

Master the art of dressing and boost your self-confidence. I am sure that if you dress in a pleasant way, you will stand out of the crowd and enjoy the compliments. It is amazing to bring the best of your looks and accentuate your positives. Dress in a fashionable way and be a style icon.