Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit

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The older we become, the more memories we accumulate, and the more things to which those memories are attached. And all these belongings need to be stored safely. During moving houses, childbirth, marriage, death or renovation one especially requires a storage facility. Many businesses also use such facilities to keep their important archives and inventory safe. Since storage facilities are fire and water proof they are preferred by businesses to store goods and sensitive business documents. They provide many services to keep your belongings secure and as much space can be rented as required.

If you are looking at self-storage facilities for the first time, here are a few things that you need to check to make sure you pick the right storage facility that suits your specific needs.

Security is the first thing that should be checked since one is putting trust in an outside facility for their valuable belongings. The storage should have good security features which generally include electronic locks, cctv cameras, gates and fences, entry only by authorised users, security personnel on site, bright light etc. Make sure that the facility you choose has at least these features and more.

It feels better to know that your belongings are stored near your home or workplace. Especially if you need to access your items frequently, location will be very important; if not then it may not be an issue. Still, the storage facility should be located in a place which is easily reachable, is clean and safe.

For individuals, price is an important considerations but when it comes to a storage facility, it should not be kept as a main criteria as storage facilities may cost you cheaper but offer less facilities for security. It is always a trade-off, and it is better to go for higher security rather than low security for low price. Though, discounts and special promotions are a different matter.

Storage facilities today have units with various sizes generally ranging between 5’x5’ to 10’x30’ feet or even more. One should make a visit before deciding which one would be the ideal size for their belongings or consult the employees of the facility to get an idea based on the items you want to store.

Depending on the items you want to store, there are facilities that offer other features as well. Climate control storage and protection from extreme temperatures and humidity are some of the extra features. In case you want to store documents, high end electronics or paintings, these may be the features that you should look for in a storage facility.

Storage for your life provides self-storage facilities in Coquitlam, Kamloops, Langley, Mission, Parksville, Surrey, Vernon and Victoria with high-end security features like camera surveillance, pin-code entry and exit, personal locking systems, regular patrolling and much more with a huge variety of size units.