Chop off your hair during monsoon

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We always worry. About something or the other. Be it the weather, the pending work, the upcoming projects, some loved one or someone who hates you, deadlines…

And there are the unending worries about our skin, the pimples, the rashes, the fat, the hair..

The hair.

That poses a serious problem. Everyday. All throughout the year. In winter, it’s the dryness and the brittle texture that keeps you from sleeping at night. In summer, it’s the sweat that keeps it sticking to your neck, to your face and yes, even in your eyes. There’s nothing you can do. And when the weather is just perfect, your hair is not. It decides to be limp. Or just lifeless. Or it just decides to be free like wild horses. Whatever you do,whichever season it is, your hair always seems to have a mind of its own.

Monsoon has arrived. Along with the water woes gets added the ridiculous problem of wet hair. You can’t comb it, cause it will tear off; you can’t tie it cause it’s wet. You can’t even style it cause it’s gonna stick to one side and lie dead. So, what should you do?

Chop it off.


Yes, that’s right.

Any interference from foreign objects has to be eliminated. We do it regularly. We snap contacts with people whom we consider an irritant. We take medications to get rid of diseases. In other words, we take measures against stuff that hamper our daily activities or threaten to do so.

So why hesitate to cut off your hair? Because it’s a part of you. But it causes problems and yes, recurring ones that might affect your long-term immune system. Wanna know the problems of long hair during monsoon? Read on…

1. Too much wetness.


This is exactly how it feels with monsoon. It rains. Keeps raining. And it rains some more. There are puddles, muddy roads, reckless drivers and the romantic wetness around suddenly feels nauseating-ly damp. Add to it the wetness of your hair, which acts as a heavy load on your head, thus adding to your irritation.

2. Dandruff.


Long, wet hair causes dandruff. Period.

And also attracts other germs and encourages the growth of all sorts of microbes that are finally detrimental to the health of our hair.

3. Takes long to dry.


Let’s face it. Long hair takes SO long to dry. And the above mentioned stuff happens in the meantime.

4. Bad hair days.

hair 2

While most of us may have a bad hair day once in a while, monsoons are, like, “bad hair season”. You have to leave it open all the time so that it dries, while at the same time, you can’t even comb it. Hard life.

5. No hairstyling.

hair 3

Forget all your mousse and gels and what not. In the rainy season, nothing suits your hair. Even simple combing leads to hair fall by the clumps. You wanna try something, it doesn’t work. You try out another thing to make the first something work, and that doesn’t work either. Ultimately, your hair ends up looking like this girl’s, but with a few more strands here and there. And a clump or two over your eyes. And maybe over your face too.

6. Cough and cold.


Yes. The dreaded disease. Long, wet hair leads to a few coughs and then fever. During the monsoon, your hair stays wet for longer periods and coupled with the dampness of the weather brings on an attack of the sniffles. Now what’s more irritating than a bout of cold during monsoon? Ugh.

7. Manageable.


Shorter hair is ALWAYS more manageable. Plus, it looks chic. Also, it doesn’t even reach the face of the passenger sitting next to you in the bus. Save your honor and your hair, right?

8. Hair fall.


The big daddy of all hair problems. The dampness during monsoon weakens the hair roots, resulting in hair fall, with or without combing. Even if you move away a hair strand, you’ll see a few more strands coming off. And the baldness is more visible if you have long hair. Not something really desirable or to be adjusted with.

I’m pretty sure that, by this time you are ready to chop off your locks. Never worry about how you HAD long hair and now it’s all gone and how you are doomed.. It’s hair, after all. Like your nails, they’ll grow back again. And even if they don’t, you could probably sport the “chic” look for sometime. And don’t worry about hairstyles going out of fashion or you not being trendy. It’s your hair and entirely your decision. ‘Cause, no one’s gonna help you if you catch a cold or dandruff. Be your own kind of beautiful. Exude confidence with every step you take.

Snip! Snap! Snout! My story is out.

Go get your hair cut off and show ‘em who’s the boss.


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