A Christmas Carol

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All of us deep down inside us wait for december to come. December is indeed a very dear month. It is the last month of the year. It is time for an ending and also the time for one of the most celebrated festival of the year, Christmas. Most of us usally associate December with Christmas. Christmas is indeed one of the best time of the year. This is that time when winters have just begun, there are celebrations going arounf everywhere. There is wining and dining and exchange of presents and the malls are all decked up and have Santa Claus for children. a-christmas-carol-2d

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, there is a lot of Chrismatas spirit in the air. Christmas is a time for stories and hope and love. There have been many a stories written about Christmas and many a movies made. But there is this one story which always manages to leave it’s mark on people and that is The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

At some point of time in our life or other we have all either read this Novella or seen it on the television in form of a movie. Many a movies have been made on Chrismats Carol. It is that story which never gets old and which can never ever get old. It brings out the true Chrismats spirit and teaches us that lesson of life which we avoid most of the times.


A Chrismtas Carol is about an old man named Ebenezer Scrooge. Who is a cold hearted and a bitter old man with a lot of money. Scrooge hates Christmas and its spirit. He is grumpy about it and thinks it is all a waste of time and money. For him time is money. The story begins with Scrooge’s nephew inviting him over for Christmas lunch and him rejecting the invitation in a cold and dismissive manner. When night falls Scrooge is woken up and visited by three different ghosts who take him to three different times to show him the spirit and love of Christmas.


The very first ghost is the Ghost of the Christmas past. It takes Uncle Scrooge back to his past. Then comes the ghost of The Christmas present and then of the Christmas future. All three of these ghosts show something very disturbing and which manage to move Scrooge. All the three Christmas ghosts have a deep connection to Charles Dickens life. As a child Charles Dickens had an expreience of being forced to leave his studies and work instead. The second ghost, that is the ghost of the Christmas present was inspired by the poverty which was all around in the 19th century, that is when this novella was written.

Novella, is no doubt a very moving one. It shakes the within of a person even of the one who believes in the Christmas spirit. The story even though is named the Christmas Carol is not really about Christmas. It is about the world where everyone is so concentrated on making money that they have forgotten the true joys and sorrows of life. That there are still poor people around and that our actions define our  future. Our present is what we should live to the fullest. The best lesson it gives is that money is not everything. Money is not going to help you to make friends or make people love you. And you are surely not going to take all the money with you when you die. It is going to stay back, right here in this world. Scrooges_third_visitor-John_Leech,1843

Even though this novella was written in the mid of 19th century, it is still extremely apt till date. We all agree that things have changed. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. It never remains the same. But there are always going to be somethings and some stories that will remain apt no matter what time or what era one lives in. And this story is one such. Even a hundred years from now this story will still be as apt as it is today. The human nature can not change so drastically over a hundred years.


When one reads this story they can connect it to. One of the main reasons is that because all of us have a little bit of Ebenezer Scrooge living inside of us and we cannot deny that. There are times when we turn away from the fact that there is poevrty around us and that the world is not only about the money. The most important thing is that people around us are suffering and we cannot turn a blind eye to that no matter what. This novella makes you realize where we are going wrong and that realization is quite a smooth one. Just when you are into the novella, you continue reading about what sort of a person Ebenezer Scrooge is you slowly and steadily start looking into yourself. By the time the novella gets over there are two new people. One being Ebenezer Scrooge and the other being you, the reader.


So this Christmas read this novella and bring back the true spirit of Christmas. Understand what love and joy really are. Because the true joy lies in giving. The book is giving you and now it is your turn to give back.  So let us all visit our past and present and look into our future and not be a Scrooge this Christmas. And if you are not much of a reader then do watch it. It’ll be on, on every channel. Hope you enjoy the story because there can never be a better Christmas Carol than the one which Charles Dicken has given to us.