Christmas Special : How to make your loved Ones feel Special this Christmas?

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Christmas Special – How to make your loved ones feel special this Christmas?

This chilly weather, hazy sun kissed daytimes, cool winds blowing in the evening and the warm and cosy indoors of winters, are enough to get someone into the romantic and comfy food. This article too focuses on how you can make your loved ones feel special this Christmas.

Special Christmas

Special Christmas

Christmas is now not a festival celebrated in the Western countries, but has also been celebrated with equal zest and excitement in India as well. We indulge into the happy and fun living spirit of the festival and celebrate it to the fullest. But do not forget the real meaning of Christmas as well. Christmas is the festival to celebrate the birth of Christ, the Son of the God according to Christianity but Christ in himself was a symbol of selfless love and forgiveness. Let us also embrace the true spirit of Christmas and celebrate Christmas by sharing love and happiness.

During the last week of December, the whole world is into the festive mood. One gets season off and offers on each and every thing, market and houses are decorated; people go shopping, organize parties and take this special occasion as an occasion to spend some time with their loved ones. So, if you too are planning something exciting for this Christmas for your near and dear ones, you wish to make them feel special but are in dilemma about what, where and how should you do things, then here are some easy tips and suggestion which one can follow on how to make your loved ones feel special this Christmas.

Tip 1: Make a simple and handy TO-DO list about all the things you want this Christmas. Include the people you want to meet, places you want to go, things you want to buy for yourself and things you wish to gift, food you want to eat and the like. This will help you in taking care of every little detail in an organized manner and you will not miss anything.

Tip 2: Do not miss the sales and offers. Thanks to the online shopping websites that now the shopping has become even easier and convenient, so do not give the excuse that you did not have the time to go shopping. Take the full advantage of season sales and offers available on online and offline shopping spots. Buy gifts, cards, accessories etc. for yourself, family and friends.

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Tip 3: If you are planning to celebrate the Christmas with your partner, your boyfriend or girlfriend then you have serious things to do. Find out the best venues for a date. Nowadays, even this searching for a venue is also a click away. Look out for a suitable place, that is romantic, semi-private, offers good food, ambience and is in your budget then take him or her out. Beside the date, do keep space for small cute surprises as these surprises overwhelms every soul. Buy a card for your loved one, write a special note in it or if you have time, make a card. Flowers and chocolates never fail no matter what the season is. You can gift him or her, their favourite perfumes or cologne, their favourite colour winter wear like a muffler or sweater or jacket also. You can together go on a trip some snowy place or can have a blast in some good café or bar with excellent liquor and music.

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Tip 4: If you are planning a day-out or night-out with your buddies, then here are some important things for you as well. Friends do not expect great things from you but still you should make them feel special by some polite and hearty gestures. Grab beer cans, favourite wine bottles, your group favourite memory books, movie collection, music collection etc. Also if you are meeting them after a long time then some kind gifts would also be lovely. You can gift them some accessories, their favourite author’s novel, music CDs and the like.

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Tip 5: If you are going to spend time with your family this Christmas then too you can make your loved ones feel special by giving them cute gifts, surprises and love. Buy something for your family and if you are a student and cannot afford many things then DIY is the best solution. Google the easy DIY things that you can make out of waste. Bake or make something to eat for your mother, any new easy dessert recipe will do. Gift something made by yourself to your family. Not only these are cherished as gift but yeah they will also be cherished as your effort to share love and care with your close ones.

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Tip 6: Do not miss one most important person in your life this Christmas, and that is YOU. Take some time out with yourself, list the things you like to do, do something for your own good, buy things you wanted to, plan your year ahead, indulge into delicacies for it is the year’s end. We all have things we “want” but we do not get them because of responsibilities and many reasons, but let Christmas be the time where along with living and celebrating with your loved ones, do something special for yourself. Gift or present yourself with long hot shower, good clothes, those shoes which you always wanted to buy, go and buy those and do things you wanted to. Do not hold yourself back.


Last but not the least, it is not a tip but more of a request, that this Christmas and New Year celebrate not only with people you know and care about, but also spare and share your happiness, wealth and love with the unfortunates. Be the Santa to some poor children, gift your unwanted things to needy people and bring a smile on their faces as well. Because happiness and smiles always spread and increase when shared.

Merry Christmas!

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