Cleaning the dirt

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As there are numerous advertisements and daily discussions about the fight we put up against germs every day, it can probably be taken for granted that you are familiar with the concept. There are germs everywhere around you and you are worse than trapped. Bacteria is inherently capable of dividing themselves every twenty minutes wherever they are, but the good news is that you can still keep it clean. Germs threaten your health as they make you really sick. It can cause a number of diseases, especially when it comes to your young ones who are extremely vulnerable.

The place inside your house that tops the list of being the dirtiest is the kitchen. As you use the dish towels and sponges, they are capable of holding moisture and hence are the roots of all problems. The kitchen sink is another example and attracts a lot of attention generally. A simple way to switch to green cleaning your sink in the most natural way is by using baking soda. Another easy way of sanitizing your sink is by using a bleach and water solution either once every one or two days.


The refrigerator handle, toilet flush handle, door knob, electric switches etc are some of the things that we touch daily and we touch often, quite a number of times in a day. However, we do not take any precaution before touching them which ends up contaminating these items due to the germs in our hand and we often sit to eat right after using them without washing our hands. One way of staying safe in this regard is cleaning this small but essential items and the way to do it is by wiping them with a microfiber cloth and your trusted green clean product.


The next secret dirty place that is about to be exposed has probably never crossed your mind and this is just above the kitchen cabinets and ceilings. The dust that accumulates above this no-man’s land can land up on your prepared food anytime or just float around in the kitchen air. Food being an item that enters your system, you really would not want to take the risk here. So to be on the safe side, clean them! Use your stepladder, a small hand broom and a dustpan are everything that you will need to get your kitchen dust-free in the most natural way possible.


Again, some people are into the habit of keeping their toothbrush in the toilet, as if the germ build up in their mouth was not enough that they had to personally contaminate it by allowing the germs in the toilet to do so. It is imperative that you do not keep the toothbrush in your toilet because apart from the germs, the chemicals that are often used to clean the bathroom can affect you adversely. Also change your toothbrush frequently, especially after you recover from an illness. Also, do not forget to keep your toothbrush cup clean.

If you think that you knew that the walls around your toilet are bad, I think you still did not know just how bad they are, which has its only remedy in daily wiping with a damp towel after spraying cleaners on the wall. Another tricky place in your bathroom is the bathtub where the lingering water, which in case of whirlpool tubs affect the pipes can welcome fungi, bacteria etc. Using hydrogen peroxide which evaporates quickly is the safest solution to keep the germs away.


Other items that you touch daily for multiple purposes without even realizing the level of risk you are exposing yourself to are remote controls, computer keyboard, make up items, mobile phones etc. You can use the disinfectant wipes for the electronics and the makeup items too or any other item that you daily come in contact with. But do not miss out on giving your makeup bag a much deserved cleansing as most of us forget to do or just plain ignore it. However, to get in between the buttons of your electronic appliances, a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol can be used.


The place where we usually keep our trash can is genuinely a no-brainer and with our careless throw of unwanted materials into the bin, some of it usually misses the target and spoils the floor. Therefore, it is not only the floor but even the walls around the floor have to be wiped daily with a green cleaning product to ensure your health. Whenever you set out a goal to chase some of the dirtiest spots in your house, do not just use any cleaning product. Because by making a rash decision in choosing a cleaning product, you could be inviting more troubles as the cleaner may contain harmful chemicals which can have adverse effect. Therefore, use green cleaning products only as they are environment friendly and ensures health and safety, creating a safer environment for you. One of the primary precaution is this that you should always keep a hand sanitizer handy but do not let a hand sanitizer replace a hand wash because even though the sanitizer can kill germs, it can itself build up on your hands.