Clove: Your Solution to Many Health Problems

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Well, it’s not a fruit, it’s not a vegetable and it’s not a leaf either. It’s a flower bud. Found mainly in the Indian subcontinent, clove is very popular for its usage in cuisines. The good thing is that the quantity required for clove – whatever be its use – is relatively very small. So, buy a small packet and you’re done for a few years! Yeah, they don’t rot. If you talk chemistry, clove gets its characteristic fragrance from the compound eugenol, which itself has a very wide usage in the field of medicine.

Back to clove, it takes about 9 years for the clove tree to develop the flower buds, so growing and waiting cloves is a job of patience. Don’t wait, go to the market and buy the dried flower buds available there. For hundreds of years, India has been maintaining a good supply of it by exporting it to various countries. Apart from India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia are also in the business of exporting cloves.


Let us see some of the health benefits of cloves. Clove is a very good source of manganese, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber and many other micronutrients. Eugenol, the signature chemical of clove, helps in detoxification of the body due to many environmental pollutants like carbon tetrachloride. Eugenol has also a wide application in dentistry including the teeth filings and in gum pains. That’s the reason clove is often included in toothpaste. Search the market and you may find clove oil over some mouthwash selling counters. Apart from that, it’s also used as a mild antimicrobial agent and sometimes as a mild anesthesia too.

Clove has a great anti-inflammatory property thus it relieves from inflammation in cells often caused due to fever or other illness. Combining clove to some other anti-inflammatory compounds like cod-liver oil, further enhances the property by more than 25 percent or so.

Clove is acerbic in taste. Because of its cleansing action to the blood, it’s a main component of many medicines in Ayurveda. It is good for eyes, helps in curing blood related diseases, breathing problems, gastric problems, hiccups, vomiting…well, the list is very long.

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Clove improves appetite and adds-up to the digestive power of the abdominal juice. We all are familiar with its usage as spice to add up that great flavor in the foods. Clove is available as buds, or in the powdered form. Use of clove oil is also very popular. Massaging with clove oil treats body pain, cancels out the foul odour coming from the body, enhances the energy levels, and even helps in recovering from ulcer.

Here are some of the well-prescribed quantitised usage of clove:

  • Eye Care. Mix the fine clove powder with honey and apply it upon the eyes. It helps in cleansing the vitreous humor of the eyes.
  • Headache. Take 5-6 grams of finely grinded clove powder and add a small amount of water to make a thick paste. Apply it on the side-heads. After a while, all the pain goes away!
  • Asthma. 3 equal parts – each of clove, black salt and the Ankara flower. Mix them well and make small pellets. Chew a pellet when needed, it treats many breath diseases especially asthma.
  • Gastric problems. Dried ginger, seeds of celery, black salt and our own clove. Mix all of them in equal amounts. Add the summed amount of molasses to it to make the pellets and store them in a clean bottle. You’re done. About 2 tablets a day and your gastric troubles will go away.Clove-Oil
  • Appetite Problems. Mix clove with equal amount of pepper and powder it. Add up a little bit of honey. Consume a small amount twice a day and it should treat all those appetite problems, and you’ll be eating like bulls.
  • Cough Troubles. Take about 5 grams of clove and boil it with about 300 grams of water. Let the mixture boil till it remains about 75 grams in quantity. Bring it out, let it cool and then filter the mixture. Warm it again a little and drink in 3 installments. It should take out all that cough from your body and you’ll start feeling light.
  • Foul Breath. Well, this is what clove is famous for among common population. Had a stuffed meal, and worried about all that awkward smell? Keep a clove between the teeth. Don’t chew it, just keep it and let it be there. It cancel outs all that foul smell.
  • Stomach Troubles. Mix about a gram of crushed clove with 100 grams of water and boil the mixture. Let the water evaporate and when the mixture remains about one fourth, take it out and allow it to cool down up to some lukewarm temperature. Drink the resulting solution. It treats indigestion. One thing to remember – don’t crush the cloves hard. Crush them soft so that while boiling, their essence may dissolve slowly.
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  • Vomiting during pregnancy. About a gram of clove and mix it with candy and pomegranate juice. Take it and it should treat the vomiting problems. The point to note here is that this treatment should be avoided if the woman is having fever for the time being.

Well, that covered only a small portion of applicability of this wonderful bud. Knowledge always gives an edge!

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