Clutching the Top Position

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Everybody who is anything here wants to become somebody in this world. Not just that, they even desire to be at the top by hook or crook. Here the domain is not only limited to academics, but it also covers several other aspects of human life such as careers, promotion and pay scale and many other ways we as individuals would like to tag as ‘being on the top’. Naturally we are not the only ones to have such kind of thinking. Millions of other people across the globe are vying for the same top position and to compete amongst these contenders and clench the top rank is definitely not an easy task. Also, it is visible that very few can actually keep up to thee expectations. What happens to the remaining aspirants? Why can’t they come up as well?
The meaning of the word top can be different for different individuals. As a result you too need to know what being at the top means to you. This is especially of greater significance if you are clueless about your goals and path. After all one cannot get to the destination if that very destination is not clear enough. For an X individual being at the top means clenching the award of the highest order in the field of entertainment. For another Y person, becoming a general manager can give a sense of being at the peak. For another Z person, he is at the top if the entities surrounding his life are well balanced with little or no stress, sufficient provision of needs and people around them. Thus, nobody has to take any opinion from other people as to knowing the exact definition of Top because the word in itself has variable possible conditions. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you and your opinions as to being at the top. So what is the set point that can be determined as your Top?
Most importantly it is necessary to continue with the extreme will to persevere despite several obstacles put in the way by jealous people and unavoidable circumstances. How can you expect to enjoy the benefits of the fruit if you have made no efforts to even dig the soil and sow the seed? Only after a long and tender care of the plant will lead into a beautiful tree with the fruits and flowers. A prime reason most will fail to get to the peak is due to their refusal to scale the mountains of hardship that distance them from the top. If you want to get to that prestigious point, you must be prepared to climb over any obstacles. Unfortunately, for most the practice of finding shortcuts instead of taking up the tedious long route. One needs to keep in mind that persistence.
It is aptly said that passion fuels the system that gives the energy to drive us. Also passion can be said to be the gales of life. On finding something you love to do, half your work is accomplished and as a result simplified greatly. This will also help you find something that will take you to that top notch you desire to be in. In case you don’t love it, you may have to work harder to get to the top which becomes troublesome. Most probably you will end up never scaling that position ever. And even if you do reach there, you will be devoid of the joy and satisfaction that you greatly looked for and even deserved. On the other hand you may try to turn the otherwise uninteresting activity into an interesting one through positive thinking and development of interest to save yourself from the trouble of increased struggle. Moral is that you must let your passion carry you, after all only that can carry you far ahead in your endeavors. Just like the saying- A man with passion rides a horse that runs away with him.

You also need to beware of the overconfidence. A humble attitude can make things lesser chaotic and tension free. For super stars, their skill sets are the most valuable assets they possess. Instead of depending on their natural talent in singing, acting, speaking or hitting a boundary, they need to strive harder and harder with each passing day in order to maintain their star status. The never say die attitude is what needs to be the motto. Never give up in any situation no matter how difficult the path may seem.
The top skills and techniques are what matter greatly. There’s a saying that goes “A Jack of all trades is a master of none.” You need to have at least one certain skill that you must master rather than just knowing a couple of them. The average person will not bother to make even the slightest efforts towards enhancement in his field. One needs to prosper day by day. The competition is not with others but you need to compete with yourself and strive for excellence; even if that means only a little improvement. Challenge yourself at all times so that you can claim that topmost notch.