College Chapters.

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What happens when fifteen years of uniform,daily prayers, homework, punishment, rigidity gets over? Sheer madness. Such is the joy of college life. The freedom of deciding on one’s own, of exploring a new world with new possibilities and the most important part – no more school uniform. Really, such joys were unimaginable during school life. Perhaps there really is a time for everything for everyone.

Looking at our parents and older siblings in childhood, school and exams never seemed to end. College and jobs were like a distant dream. Back then, it always seemed as if everyone around us were having fun with their lives,  no worries about exams or homework, while the sun of stress and gloom always seemed to be breathing down our necks.
So what is it that makes college life such a highly awaited monsoon in a land of the deserts? Read on to know…

1. Fashion.


Well, not exactly as “fashionable” as the picture above, but frankly speaking, college life is all about dressing up or dressing down, either way you like. It’s what defines you and becomes a part of your identity, at least for the next few years and if you’re going through various “phases”, the dressing style you adopt in college might be something to laugh over, ten years down the line.

2. Pocket money.


There’s never enough of it. School never really wasn’t that expensive. Thanks to the pockets of our guardians, but college expenses are an entirely different issue altogether. While most parents discourage indulging in the practice of giving pocket money to their children, college acts as the perfect excuse. From covering “daily” expenses that include everything from conveyance to chocolates, to the more “expensive” dates and well, the college fees, pocket money never seems too much. And when parents refuse, there are tuitions. College students always seem to have leverage over the school students when it comes to teaching others. Also, thanks to paid internships, pocket money is not the same as it was even five years ago.

3. Expanding Libraries.


You just can’t get enough of the college library. Thousands of books, all kept in ceiling-high book cases steeped in heritage and history. Browse around a little bit and you might just stumble upon an old manuscript preserved carefully by the librarian. And God willing, if you’re able to befriend the librarian, you might have just conquered the world. The super charged environment of the college seems to be neutralized by presence of these humongous bookcases, that stand tall like proud oaks in the distant green of the much older mountains.

4. Food.


This is probably the second most used “F-word” in college.

You’re traveling a lot. Getting tired a lot. May or may not be studying a lot, but you’re damn hungry all the time. Plus, how can you resist yourself when there’s always some pocket-friendly place or the other that opens almost every second day? Then there’s the college cafeteria. Life is good.

5. Friends.


There’s always a Ross, or Joey or Monica or any of the above in your college circle. And then there are the many combinations of the above and some new elements as well. In other words, friends and friendships are what makes college life. It’s the time and place to make new friends and socialize. These friends will be a part of your first drinking game. And will probably come handy if you need to be bailed out of jail.

6. Hangouts.

46 Minutes

Move over Google.

Say “Hello” to college hangouts. Whether you live in your own city or shifted to a new one, your college life is incomplete without hanging out at strategic places and at odd hours. Whether it’s an empty classroom or the steps to the college entrance, chatting with friends acquires a whole new meaning. And when the weather plays truant, rain dancing with friends has “Happiness” written all over it. The warmth, the vibes and the energy felt during such moments of happiness is perhaps one of the best treasures of life. Throw in a couple of inside jokes and your college life is bound to bring a smile to your face each time you encounter someone or something even remotely close to it.

7. Activities.


From representing your college at the Street Dance Festival to winning the student elections. College life is full of activities, mostly extra curricular. The huge amount of exposure and accolades received from the heavyweights and the followers acts as a great source of motivation to stay in the game. And when there are certificates involved, curriculum vitae gets thrown into the ring.

8. Freedom.


This is probably the most used word in college life. Well this and the ones mentioned above. Add to it the perpetual state of hopelessness whenever you try doing something actually related to your curriculum.

Freedom is an overrated word. Period.

But I believe that college life gives a taste of it from the tip of the iceberg. Whether or not you discover the iceberg is for mystics to guess, but the whole process of doing things on your own, things you couldn’t even possibly imagine doing back in school, is so overwhelming and liberating that it just feels unreal. Almost like the relevance of the word “freedom” in present society.

9. Street shopping.


This becomes a regular activity. And not just restricted to girls. From buying second hand smartphones to getting them decked up in awesome covers, to funky T-Shirts and delicious street food. College and street shopping are inseparable. It’s one of the things that make college life so memorable. The best part of street shopping is the feeling of discovering new places and visiting them, just for the best deals and the thrills of exploring new places. No wonder pocket money always seems to be over too quickly.

10. Emotions.


Friends. Food. Freedom. Fun.

The perfect melting pot of emotions and all things related to “feels”. Whether it’s a surprise birthday with the perfect set of friends or bidding farewell to an awesome Professor, every emotion seems to be heightened. And well, if you’re doing drugs, you belong to an entirely different world. Maybe it’s the consciousness that the time spent in college is not even half of what spent in school, that makes people devote themselves entirely to their college activities.

For many, college life is a never ending tragedy while for still others, it is never boring. Whatever it may be, this part of our lives is a sort of bar mitzvah for all. It’s a change. A transition. A chance to see the bigger world, the world that is promised to be ours and at our feet once we are aware of being a part of it.


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