Conflict Management

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When we talk about any conflict it usually begins when one party has negatively affected or is about to negatively affect something that first party cares about. We experience conflicts around us all the time, sometimes involving us directly, sometimes indirectly and sometimes not affecting us at all. Mostly people experience conflict when working in groups. More than often this can be seen as a result of both structural and communication differences. For example it is possible that while one person wants to focus more on the quality and uniqueness of work, others are more focused on getting things done in time rather than focusing on the quality of things. So such situations can result in conflict of view and thus inviting a bumpy road ahead. As a result the work will be the ultimate sufferer and will start resulting in negative productivity. Normally you’ll just end disagreeing with each other and carrying on this battle of individualism. But eventually who have to stop and think about what’s going wrong. It is important to understand that every individual is different and is entitled to his/her own personal views about things. In more than half the cases if you reanalyze the entire situation you’ll realize that it was not a conflict motivated by personal interests but was just a result of difference in personalities and difference in the way of working and looking at things.
At this point you should realize that there is no problem that cannot be solved. A calm mind and a broad perspective can find the solution to all your problems. The best solution in most cases of conflicts is to sit down and discuss things straightaway. Understood the person’s point of view and acknowledge the areas he/she was right about. Make sure that you value his/her opinion and take his/her views in consideration as well while thinking of a solution which would ensure that interests of both parties are met. Such a solution can only be implemented as a result of a successful collaboration and will lead to the dissolution of the earlier conflict. Remember that conflicts will only end up wasting your time: nothing useful can come out of it. The sooner you resolve them the better it will be, both for you as well as the other party involved. This is because for anybody to be happy it is important that he/she has a calm-conflict free mind.


Now there can also be conflicts as a result of some personal and behavioral differences between two or more people. Most of such issues which plague both of you boil down to the fact that your personalities are polar opposites – while one may prefer things in a certain way, the other may prefer the complete opposite. Conflicts can also be fueled by communication problems which may arise out of semantic difficulties or any such reason.
The most appropriate solution in order to resolve such growing conflict is acceptance. Remember that things are not only difficult for you, but equally troublesome for the other person too and this may be the very first thing that is common to the both of you. So here you need to realize that instead of focusing on how different you two are, you need to focus on your similarities. You need to be more accommodating of your individualistic differences. This is the only way to resolve such conflicts.
You should realize that in some situations ignorance is the only way out of a problem. Eventually ignorance can turn out to be an extremely effective conflict resolution technique if you know when to use it and when not-to.
According to me conflict resolution, in almost all cases, begins with the acceptance that everyone we get involved with will have their own thought processes and methods of dealing with this. Once we accept other’s individuality, as we do with ours, our path of life becomes much smoother and simpler. A peaceful mind which helps us sleep peacefully at night is what everyone desires. And for that to be accomplished keep the conflicts to a bare minimum and follow the above mentioned techniques to solve the problems then and there before they escalate into something that gets too complicated to resolve. Because let’s face it, when we look at most of the conflicts that have plagued our lives in retrospect we almost always laugh and think, ‘How immature was i!’ or, ‘That just wasn’t something to fight over!’ We all have the habit, and all means all- no exclusions, of just getting caught up in the moment and leaving most of the senses at the door whenever a speed bump occur. We just need to train ourselves a little better to keep calm in all conflict-prone situations and when a problem does occur to take a step back, breathe and look at bigger picture. We know that we all are individuals, having our own needs, wants, preferences and styles of working. Then why, in a difficult situation, do we forget all of this?
Relax, take a chill pill and don’t forget to smile in every situation. And remember, most of the conflicts that arise around you are just not worth your piece of mind. Everything can be sorted in a peaceful and calm manner, if we give it a little time. Try these things in the next conflict that you may be riddled with – and feel the difference.