Controlling and Preventing Diabetes

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Diabetes is a leading concern for today’s population. A disease caused my many factors; is a growing concern for people around the world. Anyone, who faces this evil or is in danger of facing it, due to a family history of this disease, or due to improper living habits, should take both care and precaution to tackle the complications of diabetes. The targeted population, if, bring change in their lifestyle can control both type 1 diabetes and prevent development of type 2 diabetes. Changes such as building healthy eating habits, losing excess weight and increasing the physical workout can bring about positive result in managing or preventing diabetes.
In some cases, switching to a healthier lifestyle is not enough. A number of medications also become necessary for patients to avert stroke and heart attack which take lives of many diabetes patients.

Darker side of diabetes: A rather negative side of being diabetic is that, this disease generally triggers cardiovascular diseases. Heart failure, stroke or coronary artery diseases are usually the outcomes of diabetes. Patients often lose their life to such conditions than any other. Cardiovascular diseases are bound to happen to a diabetic patient, hence it is recommended to control the risk factors leading to them.

Preventing and controlling the demon inside: A huge care in terms of medication and personal care is required to tame the beast inside. Changing the habits from the very beginning is necessary. Just imagine yourself born again, and change your habits entirely. Prevent the complications by watching over your weight, glucose levels and adhering to the advice by your doctor.

There are people who need to have insulin, daily injected in their body. Those who don’t, need to follow a strict schedule in terms of diet and exercise. The first step your physician/doctor takes is to monitor your blood sugar level while you stay on a strict diet. If it still remains high, you need to take the daily dose of insulin along with regular physical work out and strict diet schedule.


Few tips for the diabetes patients: Diabetic patients should try to stick to these steps in order to keep a healthy and long life free from cardiovascular diseases. Without proper discipline in terms of these habits may send your health plummeting down. So carefully understand each one of them:

  • Commit yourself to manage your diabetes: Your medical team of doctor, nurses and dietician can only take you so far. You need to take responsibility of yourself. Only you can manage your condition.
    Try to learn everything about your disease. No question is a stupid question. Make healthy eating and regular activities, your life’s part. Your diabetes team is there to help you. Ask them for anything you ever need of them.
  • Quit smoking immediately: Taking in any sort of tobacco products will end your life quickly, that’s true. Seek help from your doctor to quit smoking. Risks of kidney diseases, damaged nervous system, stroke and heart attack increases tenfold when you consume such products.
  • Control your cholesterol and BP (Blood Pressure): High BP can affect your blood vessels as much as diabetes does. Also, cholesterol does you no good too. Together, they make a fatal combination by increasing chances of stroke and heart attack. Physical exercise along with intake of healthy food can keep these problems in check. However, sometimes you may require taking medicines.
  • Make note of yearly eye and physical exams: Diabetes is a disease that eats up your body from inside. So make sure you regularly get yourself checked yearly by your doctor who will look for possible kidney, nervous or eye damage.
  • Vaccinate yourself: Diabetes causes your blood to hold high sugar level. Due to this, your immune system deteriorates and makes you vulnerable to diseases like flu, pneumonia, hepatitis B and many others. So plan with your doctor and make sure you get your vaccines on time.
  • Keep a good eye on your teeth: Gum infections usually hit you with diabetes. Remember to brush your teeth twice. Floss it too, and schedule dental check-ups. Any sign of bleeding or red swollen gums should be reported to your dentist right away.
  • Take care of your feet: With blood sugar on a constant rise in your body, risk of damaging the nerves in your legs is imminent. This reduces the blood flow. Any sort of wound, cut or blisters, may lead to serious infections.
  • Drink responsibly: Alcohol reduces blood sugar. How much it reduces, depends on the fact if you eat at the same time or not. If you wish to drink, drink discreetly and always with a meal.
  • Keep stress level low: Knowing the extent of your condition, it is usual that people take stress. This is bad, really bad on their health. Such amount of stress may lead to low functioning of insulin, which makes things worse for you. Set a particular schedule and prioritize your work so that there are fewer things to worry about. Learning relaxation techniques is also recommended.

Diabetes is a disease which may hit you when you least expect it to. However, that doesn’t mean the end of line for you. Survivors of diabetes are living among us, a perfectly happy and healthy life. Staying positive is the first and foremost important tip for diabetic patients. Not even diabetes can stop you from leading a healthy life. So choose to be positive, love and free yourself from anything that causes stress.