Cooling Cures This Summer

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It’s again that time of the year when the sun brings us free diseases in abundance, you ask for it and you get it, sun burns, tans, severe headaches, you name it and you have it. The darker side of these problems remains that we are ready to pop a pill even before we think twice. These anti-biotic and analgesics make our immune system weak, every time we pop a pill we are making our body accustomed to them and there comes a day when our bodies become prone to these and stop reacting to these medicines. So before you pop a pill turn toward your kitchen and look for some highly effective home remedies that will serve you better than the medicines.

although cinnamon is used as a spice in India it has more qualities than just making your food aromatic and giving your coffee a better flavor. Add half a tea spoon of cinnamon into warm water. Cinnamon helps improve digestion and flatulence. But there is one thing that needs to be kept in mind; one should not tale cinnamon more than the prescribed quantity because it has qualities that make blood thinner in its consistency.

Probiotic yoghurt and cucumber
since intestinal issues are common this season incorporate a bowl of probiotic yoghurt in your daily diet. Studies show that probiotics can help ward off infection and boost immune systems. Add slices of cucumber to your breakfast plate to cool off before setting out in the scorching sun. The cooling effects of cucumber ensure protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

Ginger ale
Keep ginger ale handy to treat dehydration. Ginger ale helps in benefitting dehydration. As dehydration becomes a common scene during summers, this will help you get through the day. Also we tend to drink a lot of carbonated beverages during summers ginger ale makes a great beverage. Add mint leaves to it to make it taste and treat better.

Coconut oil

For years coconut oil has been famous for its healing properties. Applying coconut oil will not only help you remove tan but this has properties that can even heal sever sun burns. Apply coconut oil for healing sunburns. The best way is to apply it over night. Also you can add a little to you bathing water. This will smoothen your skin and will also treat burns and tan.

As humble as it look that affective it, the humble papaya keeps peeling at bay. The best way to use papaya is to mash it and applying it over your face. If you want to use papaya as a scrub, you can add oatmeal into it with some raw milk, massage it on your face and then leave it for some time. The results will surprise you beyond measures by making your skin glow , removing dirt , traces of pollution and tan.
Make tomatoes an inevitable part of your diet, they protect you from ultra violet rays big time. And help you get better immune system. Apart from eating tomatoes you can also apply tomato juice on your face if you experienced a tan. Squeeze tomato juice into a bowl and mix lemon into it. Both tomato and lemon has vitamin c and are natural bleaching agents therefore it will lighten you skin tone and remove the tan. Just apply for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water.


Mint has both therapeutic and refreshing qualities. Mint leaves also cools down your stomach if you have had spicy food. You can make a refreshing beverage by taking some chilled water, add some leaves of crushed mint leaves into it and then add a dash of lemon, to sweeten add honey and you get a refreshing drink that will not only act a refreshment but will also help heal your stomach and help reduce acidity. You can apply mint leaves to get rid of sun burns, just crush mint leaves keep it in the refrigerator for some time and then apply. You can also add neem leaves to this paste to control excessive oil secretion. Excess oil and sweat causes acne during summers and this will keep them far away from your skin , will unclog pores and will make you look fresh and clean from within.



Yes, the abundantly available cucumber that you see every where during summer has a reason for it availability, it’s a must have during summers. Nothing cools down your stomach better than cucumber. You can have it raw or take it it in the form of juice. The reason why people prescribe having cucumber salad as a side dish during summers is because it helps regulate acidity and it very good for your stomach. Another way in which cucumber can help you is but applying it on your face. Grate half a cucumber and apply it over your face for around 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Cucumber helps reduce sun tan and sun burns and improves skin tone and refreshes your skin tone. It is the ultimate cooling agent for summers.