Craving for a clear face??

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                                                CRAVING FOR A CLEAR FACE??


Have you looked in the mirror and felt disheartened? Have you dreamt of a clear face?What if all your pimples vanishes all of a sudden?Incredible.Isn´t?But its still possible.Eight in  ten teens suffer the problem of acne.The only thing what you need to do is to address the problem of acne from the cause.Acne is a skin disease that causes bumps on your skin and its considered as a normal part of puberty.These bumps may be whiteheads,blackheads or pimples.First of all,you need to find your skin type whether its oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin.

Find your skin type

Try this when you wake up from bed.Take a tissue and rub it on our face.

Oily skin-you will get greasy dirt and the tissue gets sticky.

Dry skin-you will get flakes and the tissue will be dry.

Normal skin-the tissue is clear.

Sensitive skin-if your skin is allergic to chemicals especially shaving products.

Try to get a facewash that suits your skin type.

Wash your face

Its quite natural that your face gets dirty very soon .The dust and pollution are the culprits.You have to wash your face atleast twice a day,before going to bed and after waking up.This keeps your face clean and clear.This opens up the pores of the skin and makes your skin breathe.

Sleep tight

Sleep does it all.A sound sleep for about eight hours a day is very important for a clear face.Get your beauty rest.Do remember to change your pillow cases at a regular basis.

Water -The best cure

The wellness of water is uncountable.The only way to fight acne is to consume eight glasses of water in a day.Water keeps you fresh and hydrated.It not only quenches your thirst but does miracle to your face.

Try your own face mask

Mix gram flour,tumeric,tea tree oil ,honey and curd.Make it a past and apply it on your face.Leave it for half an hour .Wash your face.Your face will be blemishless.The goodness of gram flour and tumeric makes your face crystal clear.

Hands off your face

Your hands and nails are the most poisonous for your face.Touching your face aggrevates the bacteria and spreads the acne.Don´t ever try to prick your zit.It is contagious and spreads throughout the face.

Say ´No´ to Cosmetics

Cosmetics may be allergic to skin and leave your skin affected.Try not to use cosmetics.Cosmetics are dangerous and avoid them .

Exercise Daily

Exercise can keep your skin healthy and clear.It removes toxins from the body in the form of sweat.

Go for a walk in the early morning or evening and get the pleasure of healthy lifestyle.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin is to remove the dead cells from the epidermis.Try using a water and sugar paste to exfoliate your skin or any other exfoliating scrub.Moisturize your skin if its dry.

De-stress and Relax!

Stressed out?Plan for an outing with your family,have fun,don´t procrastinate your work,spend time on what you like and enjoy.Stress causes acne and increases the severity .Find a warm,embracing place and have an invirogating walk.


Having a blemishless skin is no more a dream and you can get it if you desire.Think smart and bring out the best in you.You may ask me if appearances matter?And my answer would obviously be a ´yes´.The first thing that you notice when you look someone is their appearance and if its going to be dull and not appealing,you won´t probably approach that person.So,its important to have flawless ,clear and clean face to be confident enough.Acne ,pimples on your skin leaves you demotivated and unsuccessful.Treat them with care and own a gorgeous look on your face.God has given you a beautiful face , don´t let the surrounding spoil it.Groom yourself ,have a confident smile ,be graceful and walk with style.


A survey tells that ninety percent of women who have clear face feel confident and they say that it adds value to their development.We have got just one life to live and why don´t you live it happily and confidently?People have a misconception that beauty doesn´t matter at all and they tend to live in the superstitious beliefs.I have come across people who live just to earn and survive but I strongly feel that they are missing the biggest pleasures of life and killing their own self.If you think why to spend my time for my beauty ,I intepret the question as why to get happiness in life.When you have the opportunity to see the best in you ,why don´t you opt for it?Don´t give up your desires .Live life to your fullest and get the exhilarating experience of flying high.Decide today to be confident and happy .Change your lifestyle ,come out of the darkness of ignorance ,lit your life with the brightness of happiness and stay motivated.


A thing of beauty is a joy forever ,as John Keats says a beautiful face enhances your happiness .I am sure none would feel comfortable with acne on their face and its often considered as a Devil’s curse. Do you deserve this curse? Surely not. So make efforts to get a clear face ,get tidy and be confident.