Create a void

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What do we usually do while faced with a crisis? We crib, cry. In the corporate atmosphere, we blame everyone except ourselves. But is that the correct way out? Never   . As said “When we cannot change a situation we have to change ourselves” Changing oneself is often the most difficult thing to endeavour but it is of utmost importance. Change is the only constant and the only way is to adapt and never to give up. There is always a good side as well as a bad side to everything in life and it is always beneficial to look at the good side and proceed. In a workplace, always bring yourself up to such a position that success cannot be denied to you. Success follows you wherever you go. In fact be it whichever field you are in whether business, student, homemaker you always have to strive towards perfection and excellence. Do a task so well that your absence is felt. That particular task cannot be done without your presence .That is how you create your brand. You market yourself by your work. You essentially become the centre of everything and everything rotates around you.

This also happens when you are faced with an adversity. When the storm is over, you are yet not sure if it’s over but you definitely emerge as a stronger individual. People start looking at you for advice and you matter. People realize your worth and the ones who don’t, don’t even matter.

Different Spheres

  1. Workplace

Be responsible and a watchdog of your own actions. Always be ready to work for that extra little time and give that wee bit so that people can depend on you wholly. Bring yourself to such a point that if you get transferred, promoted your superiors don’t want to let go off you.

2. Home

Your role at home requires more of you looking into your family’s needs and exposes more of your emotive side. So always strive to be that perfect homemaker, perfect daughter whom everyone can depend on and who doesn’t need to depend on anyone .

3. Friend

Always be there for your friends especially when that person is going through a tough phase in life. A person who stands by you during harsh days is much more remembered than those who were with you in your parties. It is always advisable to have a few good friends than a lot many “not so good” friends.

  1. Adapt

You must always adapt yourself to situations and to your inner self rather than to people. This will always be beneficial.

You will hear so many times that people especially youngsters getting bored of a job and changing again and again. This is merely because of not able to not attempting to create a void in whichever sphere they are. Once you create it , your confidence level shoots up so much that you are more willing to fill that gap and when you don’t, you feel demotivated .Worst part is that reading self help books, preaching’s from parents, teachers, bosses etc make little sense unless you are ready to create a void, make a difference. Whatever you touch upon or begin you must do with flawlessly, with so much perfection that in your absence everyone is left crippled. Take an example of cooking

You always cook something so perfectly so well .But someone wants your secret. You tell them every minute detail. There will always be that tiny void that you have created by your hands that no matter who picks it up or uses the secret, no one can replicate your taste.

Coming to replication, in terms of science too, nothing in this universe is exactly identical. Hence each and every entity has the right and the chance to create a void in whatever they do in whichever sphere they take up. Life often throws unexpected   challenges at us and we get bogged down with their enormity. But this is where we must learn to adapt. As said by Mahatma Gandhi-“Be the change you want to see” .This sounds great but is enormously difficult to be a carrier of change. We must all strive towards perfectionism and create a change with our thinking and deeds. Instead of cribbing and ranting about everything, making excuses for not making it through anywhere, is the easiest thing one can do. Never take up the easy road .Instead always take up the road not taken and reach somewhere where previously no one else had. We have all the power within us and the entire universe conspires for us to reach our goals. It’s only we who should be  wanting it whole heartedly.

One bad deed can soil your reputation forever. One bad habit can soil 10 good habits so work on your habits, focus on what you like doing rather than what everyone is doing. Be a carrier of change, a change agent wherever you go and the world around you will soon seem very easy and peaceful for it is you who has become easy and peaceful from within.