The Critical View of Criticism

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People hate to be criticized. This is absolutely true in case of most human beings. And the usual reaction is that of irritation or anger or depression. While few people find it a necessary tool for enhancing ones qualities and succeeding in life. We are surrounded by critics in every walks of our life. From movie critics reviewing every box office success or failure with their comments to food critics speaking on the deliciousness of the dishes of a restaurant. Even our managers and bosses provide a feedback to us on our quality of work and at times as the audience we need to do the same. Criticism usually has a negative connotation and the potential for being non destructive. Although criticism is meant to be a help in terms of providing a truthful and genuine feedback, it can be a sensitive matter for many people. On the other hand for some criticism can benefit in a positive way by boosting ones confidence and providing an impetus to ones performance levels.
Several people around us will have several opinions about us. It is for us to classify what needs to be accepted and what needs to be avoided completely. How can their words help us in any way? Will changing according to the opinions help us in any way positively or will it push us into a deeper trench of worries. Also make it a point to calm down. Think of how it can alter the dignity of character and self respect if it is paid heed to. Whether the criticism is coming on account of the care of the criticizer or is it mere jealousy and hatred that is in their mind when they do so. When taken as true, how will it change our equation with those around us? If necessary taking the help of someone trustworthy will definitely be a great help. They might provide the desired insight to the accuracy of the comments and feasibility of the views. But keep in mind this person from whom you expect the final review should be someone who wants to make us a better person and not merely someone who only says things that will not cause any sadness. Apart from that never jump to any conclusions at the very first instant. It is necessary to put ourselves in place of the criticizer and ponder on the matter as to why something like that is being said or done. Most importantly even if the criticism is necessary, nobody can belittle us in any way just because we have some faults. Also keep away from prejudiced and misguided remarks. A sincere counsel from other people will help you better when it comes to analyzing ones elf. Use this counseling as a means to learn a lesson after hearing the criticism keep an open mind and then form the right opinion.

Many a time we are unable to face it in reality and end up feeling frustrated with the person who did so. It may be the way they bring up the subject or their ugly manner of criticizing. Thus, it is necessary to realize the importance of providing a harmless yet helpful review to someone else. So how do we actually go about with this? First of all we need to know our limits. It is definitely rude to poke on topics at times when it is absolutely not required. Just because he or she is your good friend does not mean you have all the right to bother him or her with your unnecessary criticism. Although at times it may be important to come out and offer your advice on the matter as it will help that friend of yours greatly. All you need to do is approach properly, analyze the necessity and gravity of the subject, and know when it is right to speak on it. Just remember not to attack the person. A constructive criticism is what needs to be made use of which is kept in check by encouraging, truthful and helpful advice. A few points need to be kept in mind while offering criticism on a topic. Find out if the person to be criticized will take the criticism well enough or has the ability to understand the words properly. The consequences need to be weighed down properly. For example a sensitive minded person needs to be tackled in a different way from a hard headed person. The exact criticism must be understood with common sense. Too much harsh comments are best avoided as they might hurt the feeling of other people. Criticizing our peers is not the same as criticizing our elders or boss or even the kids for that matter. An informal way will do with our friends while towards our boss it needs to be chalked out more efficiently. Similarly people elder t us can be addressed to with respect. For children it can be slightly more difficult for the reason that hard criticism may not come down well with them. It might instead confuse them and dampen their spirits. Thus, young ones need to be dealt in a different way than the elders according to the situation. Finally never let criticism be the obstacle in the way instead utilizing it for the betterment will be the best thing to be done.