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Curvy is sexy! Honestly, would you want to be  absolutely delusional about how zero figure is the “it” thing? Well it is not, women have curves for a reason and there is nothing more sexy than being a voluptuous curvy beauty. Curves are feminine. Women look absolutely hot when they wear their curves right, I mean look at Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez.  It is amazing to see a woman with a toned body, but not one with a one dimensional figure. Losing weight is important if you are over weight, but looking like a flat screen is not at all desirable. It is essential to be fit and curvy as far as women are concerned, because lets face it, your curves are your assets. We all want to have the hourglass figure and it is not a myth. It is absolutely achievable and frankly the most sought after figure type. There are certain regimes which will help you manipulate your body and give it the glorious shape it deserves.
However, I am not saying that working out is not required. Exercising is absolutely necessary for making your body more fit, but the trick is to work out in a way that will help shape your body. Therefore, it is not about the weighing scale,but how you can manipulate your body to maintain your weight and look absolutely stunning. So here is a list of the all the things you can do to curve up!

1. Upper Body Toning Tabata Routine:
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This particular routine requires a set of dumbles but you can also do it without them by working against your own weight. The best thing is you do not require to join a gym. This is a calorie killer which works wonders due to the Tabata structure and helps your upper body get the shape you desire. It is a one hour workout session where you start with slow high knees, toe touch kicks, jog in place and jumping jacks. After the warm up, you hit the following in order:

1. Chest presses
2. Reverse fly
3. Overhead press
4. Biceps Curl
5. Triceps extension
6. Chest Fly
7. Bent-over dumbbell rows
8.Lateral Raises
9.Bent -over ventral pulls
10. Hammer Curl
11. Skull crushers.

This set will take about 48 minutes to complete after which you will have to stretch and relax your body.Do not forget to stretch after finishing your workouts or even undermine the importance of warming up before starting.

2. Abs workout:
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In order to do this exercise, you will have to do a 15 minute cardio session for warm ups.This particular set of exercises help tone your obliques and makes your waist more curvy.Therefore you will have to follow the list in order, and it will work wonders since Shakira herself follows some of these routines.

1. Pilates side hip raise
2. Toe touch crunch
3.Russian Twist
4. Pilates table top
5. Jumping oblique twist
6. Pilates back bow
7. Flutter kicks
8. Scissored crunch

3. Oblique Workout:


This 25 minute workout focuses on toning your obliques and your abdominal muscles. The most difficult aspect of maintaining abs is the diet, you will have to eat clean and keep an eye out for the calorie count to have that most desired flat stomach. Therefore the calorie intake has to be a minimum. Developing perfect abs is a mammoth task therefore diet is important to maintain it. The first routine is the pilates leg pull, facing down. This is followed by the recline oblique twist, then push up plank, jack knife crunch, the pilates table top, scissored crunches and the Russian twists.This essentially works on your sides. Each of these routines have to be done about eight times after which you will have to switch sides. The most important thing to keep in mind while doing these workouts is to keep your abs constricted and not lose. That is the only way the exercises will help otherwise not.
Now most of these terms might sound extremely difficult but I promise if you get into the flow of it all you will not find it difficult at all. There is no better feeling than to work to look fit and get sexier by the day with your new curves. All the above exercises are modified to wok on your shoulders, bust, abs,your oblique and your butt. These are the main parts that need the curving up. The catch is however toning the stomach region since for that you will need to diet. Your body needs to be fit and presentable because it will help you boost your confidence levels. This world has become an extremely figure conscious place where fitness is the new trendy and curves are the new sexy. So it is time to throw out all the pre conceived notions about zero figure, because anyone can not eat and do extreme work outs to reduce. The catch is to manipulate that and look good. Luckily most of you have been blessed with beautiful bodies so it is your responsibility to look after it and care for it. So get your work out shoes and hit the floor. It is time to get the curves back in the game ladies.