Cut out your belly fat

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The very thought of  spicy burgers,vada pavs,pizzas with cheesy toppings  leaves me lip-smacking and irresistible..It is an exhilarating feeling to enjoy these tasty delicacies with my bunch of friends! But I know that I am missing out on one thing “health”, owning a fat belly is something more than chagrin. However getting rid of our pooch is not that easy as considered by many.  But there is a need to shed some pounds atleast for vanity’s sake.

“It’s hard to be fit as a fiddle when you are shaped like a cello”, you must have come across this saying and this after all is the world of extra-sized foods, fast foods  which one finds  difficult to stop oneself from getting addicted to . Eating pizzas, burgers and other oily stuffs will only thrill you by its taste but this ultimately ends up killing you to death. Staying fit and healthy is unimaginable for many but its really not that hard. The belly fat is mainly due to the higher levels of plasma fluid and lipid proteins in the body. Higher levels of cholesterol and fat are mainly due to consumption of oily foods with more carbohydrate content.

Most people start noticing a flab around their belly when they are in their teens and this continues till old age. This belly fat makes them encounter embarrassing situations .Having belly fat is dangerous and highly risky as it is the sign for cardio problems in the future. Having belly fat will disappoint you in situations like party, team outing ,family occasions where you will not be able to wear all the slim-fit ,skinny dresses and end up wearing one that doesn’t  satisfy your desires.

Decrease carbohydrate consumption

Eating a heavy meal during night is hazardous. Eat properly and have a balanced diet. Include fibre, required carbohydrates and proteins.

Hydrate your body

Drinking water will help you consume fewer carbohydrates and so helps in shedding some pounds. Water consumption will decrease the hunger levels and makes you to consume less carbohydrate.

Sleep well

Minimum of seven hours of sleep is required for a day .An irregular sleep routine alters the hormone production and causes insulin sensitivity and may get you out of shape.

Work out to cut out belly fat


Working out and doing short exercises regularly will make you stay in the pink of your health. Treadmill, cycling helps to reduce belly fat. When you work out you sweat and it is said that sweat is fat weeping. You can easily burn calories by exercising regularly. Exercise not only helps you reduce body fat but is a daily dose of motivation and energy that gives power to work efficiently.

 Be sugar-free

Reduce sugar intake and instead try honey. Sugar intake will increase the calorie consumption resulting in belly fat. Eat foods with zero sugar content to reduce belly fat.

Eat more fibres

Fibre consumption increases bowel health and metabolic rate of your body increases. This keeps you fit and healthy. Diet that is balanced will keep you healthy.

The Gene factor

Apart from all these, there is one factor that plays an important role in increasing belly fat.That is the “Genetics “.It depends on what shape you are whether apple-shaped or pear-shaped. Apple-shaped people will have their excess belly fat settling in the middle portion. Pear-shaped people will have large thighs that is the fat settles in the lower portion of the body.

You must also know what kind of fat you have, whether   it is subcutaneous or visceral fat. The latter one is easy to lose compared to the former. Subcutaneous fat  is the fat that lies underneath your skin, the fat gained physically.

Stop smoking

Don’t think that smoking will make you thinner .Smoking will alter the hormone levels and  increases belly fat .Quit smoking to stay fit.

Relieve Stress

If you are a person who procrastinate things and remains stressed ,relieve your stress and relax. Do your work in time by preparing schedule and stick to it. Develop will power consistency and finish the assigned task in the allocated time to avoid stress at the last moment. Yoga, meditation and other breathing exercises will keep you fresh and relaxed .Yoga gives you a peace of mind. Keep your mind clear of what is your assigned task and meet the deadlines.

Fat kills fat

Yes, its amazing that fat kills fat and as we know fatty foods that is the foods that have high omega 3 especially fishes which are high on FAT will burn fat and this makes you get rid of love handles.

To cut out belly fat ,proper diet is the prerequisite followed by sleep and  work out. Do remember  the risk of belly fat and try cutting it out gradually. As we  know that health is not valued till sickness comes, think and get aware  to prevent dangerous health hazards. Next time when you find yourself craving for a junk food, don’t just yield to these deceiving monsters ,think again, we have got just one life and there is no time to brood about our sickness.  Get a beautiful, hour-glass figure and be healthy, happy and enjoy the journey of life.