Dance With Benefit

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Dance with benefit


“Once more you open the door and you’re here in my heart  and

My heart will go and on”

The moment you read this line you remembered the Titanic song and started humming along and somewhere inside your brain you imagined a slow dance. It was such a peace to self. Dancing is passion, enjoyment, fun, relief, stress buster, or even a form of exercise, etc. and much more. It has always been differentiating from person to person as no one has the same perspective to one particular object or thing. Dance when heard of strikes to tune into beats and dance along the moves. Who doesn’t likes to dance, wherever the music plays everyone starts to move onto the music. So why not opt for this type of exercise form? Everyone likes dancing and as it is said do what you like, as exercise is a bit boring we can make this as our exercise routine and work on. Would it be a better replacement than going to gym? Let’s see, dancing is the best form of exercise which helps to keep maintain your body plus additional benefit is that you don’t have to just do it you will enjoy it won’t you? Yes, of course everyone does. Simply dance because it is workout of full body, all major muscles and healthy benefits. It covers up almost every part of the exercise such as it helps to lose your weight, it bring much more flexibility in you, it stretches, bends, twists each and every muscle of your body, your muscles becomes strong and stamina also increases plus it also gives a state of peace. It feels quiet and calm, it feels relaxed all the stress is gone and you can start everything fresh. Whatever stress, whatever burden of work you have is gone away for the moment. Let’s not be partial but yes dance is preferred by most of females than males but nowadays scenario is changed many of the males are interested in dancing though. As talking on the dance as form of exercise one can lose large amount of calories by dancing and it depends on which form of dance style you select. Did you ever think of having fun and reducing your weight both at the same time? Obviously no. according to research it is indicated that a person weighing 150 pound can lose up to 150 calories when dance for approximately 30 min. wow! Exactly this word would be rushing into your mind right now. Like without actually thinking of losing weight while dancing we can actually lose our weight is really fun.


This are not the only benefits of dancing one can keep oneself strong even though one is aging as the strength of muscles is strong. The inner chemical reactions also takes place as in it helps to grow the nerve cell in the brain indicates the research. Have you heard of Alzheimer’s disease, hmm not so often but it is also found by researcher that dancing helps to reduce this disease, impressive! Isn’t it Some of them say it helps to improve your memory power as you learn new steps and try to remember it. I was amazed when I read that researchers had found some more interesting facts about dancing such as  belly dancing reduces your back pain, salsa helps to control your blood pressure and cholesterol. It also maintains the condition of your lungs and heart as it keeps the flow of oxygen intact. Dancing keeps constant fitness at same time. This helps to keep your functioning for long time boosting up your fitness level. It brings freshness to life. It also builds up the confidence level in you.  Till now dancing is the best form of enjoyable exercise. Study suggests that dancing reduces the risk of dementia for about 76% more than any other physical exercise or activity. The more you dance less is the risk and as it is said sooner the better. Don’t wait until something happens and then you realize. See how many benefits it shares and can help you way long. Dancing is anyway better than going to gym. You don’t need to waste your time going to gym paying high amount of money or pick up those heavy instruments just to stay fit and make cool body. No need to follow the chart of diet which the gym provides. You need not also join dance classes; you can play the music at home and start whenever you wish to, you need not get up early in the morning just to go for gym. You are trainer of yourself no need for personal trainer and stuff. Saves time, energy and money too. If you still think it’s not the best exercise you need to think again it’s not too late. So move it baby! Keep dancing.