Dealing with People Assertively

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The world revolves around two elements that is the positive and the negative. It is obvious that positivity is what everyone loves to find around them. Nobody entertains a pessimist. Being assertive is the only way to be successful in your endeavors. It is about being non aggressive yet considerate of other people. Handling tricky situations can be an especially tough job if you keep on worrying about the wrong things at the wrong time. On the other hand, to make the correct decision you need to come up with an optimistic solution. You need to move forward and make the decisions. Be honest with your views and resolutions and clear with your conscience. A confused mind can be a starting point for all the pessimism around you. All you have to do is be straight forward with your wants and needs; be sure to ask for it if you need else and it is perfectly fine to say no if you honestly do not want something that you are being offered. You need to understand the meaningfulness of life and your own importance. Only then will you be able to make a difference to the other people in a desired manner. People who are assertive not only possess the good vibes but also share with those around them. When do you call a person to be assertive?

An assertive person makes it a point to be sincere in his opinions. Honesty is the prime quality that makes them so. But above all, such people are happy and satisfied with the things revolving around them. You cannot like another person honestly if you do not like yourself in the first place. Maintaining ones capability to adapt to any rising situation is another value. Such people also posses an incredible sense of humor that helps them lighten up the spirits o their colleagues and friends with them. They are not bothered by any kind of negative criticism that may come their way. Instead they continue to root for what they believe in. This is especially important in case of most of the teenagers and adolescents who get easily swayed by the wave of peer pressure and outward opinion modification leading to improper decision making ability. Thus, being open minded and attentive nature is of necessity for such people. Such people also have a sense of responsibility towards whatever they are doing whether it is towards their career or family or for betterment of any cause they are associated with. A sense of respect is towards other people with the expectation of being treated the same way is what they root for. It is all about being frank enough with everyone and keeping your cool. There are many possible ways different people handle situations.



Consider a problem where a friend of yours approaches you to borrow that favorite pen of yours for some time. Although that friend promises to take care of keeping it safely and well, it might happen that you prefer not to let anybody use it. So what do you say at such a case? In case you are someone who never holds regards for other person’s feelings, you may burst out as follows:” How could you even think of asking me such a question? You know very well how lucky this pen is for me and hence you should have also known that I can never stand giving it to anybody even if it is my best friend asking me for the same. Then how could I lend it to someone like you?” This definitely sounds extremely harsh and after this meeting that friend of yours will never ever come back to even say ‘hello’ to you. On the other hand thinking about not hurting your friend’s sentiments in any way you choose to let go your lucky pen saying:” Well alright, you can have it if you want, I have absolutely no problem giving it to you,” and smile weakly. But going back home you feel sick and weird that you could not say a simple no and your stomach muscles tighten up. This is another situation wherein your friend might stay happy, but you make yourself miserable. You are reluctant yet you let people walk over you reason being you are scared to speak up what you wish. Such people end up being victims of several crimes and choose to bear them without opening their mouth afraid of the future consequences. The best way to handle this condition would be to speak this: “You are my good friend and I know very well that you will use it wisely, but I need to tell you this that I never lend this out to anyone else ever as it is very special for me. I don’t intend to hurt your feelings but please understand my feelings and don’t think wrongly of me. Perhaps I could give you another pen instead of this one!” This way you get to tell calmly whatever is in your mind without creating any negative vibes or yourself sacrificing for others. Such assertive way of dealing with people will be the most proper way to keep things under control.