In Death Series

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A future based thriller, with a kick ass NYPD cop and a slick billionaire, the gadgets and weapons of the future and the futuristic food. This just sounds cheesy and a storyline for a wannabe writer doesn’t it, be ready to be surprised as this is one has been on New York Times Bestseller list, has 49 different books with the same characters and will go on as long as the writer wishes!


It is the In Death series by J D Robb aka Nora Roberts.  The books are delightful and a passionate read largely due to an intricately thought out scenario set in mid-21st century. The characters are:

Lieutenant Eve Dallas: This is the super cop. The lady that will chew your head off if you call her a lady.  Ripe language and straightforward no nonsense thoughts, this one is one cop that makes you go damn… She has had a terrible childhood, with an abusive father. A defensive murder of father ended her in foster care. A Mother who was MIA since she was 4, so much so that the parents never named the kid. She was found in Dallas and name d after the first lady of the universe. She enrolled into the force at the age of 17 and is the best homicide cop. Minimalistic person who may survive on pizzas and coffee if left on her own, technology eludes her most of the time. She is sharp and a cop to the bone. Never misses anything and takes it all to heart for a dead body is not a body to her, it is a life wasted.  She is simple and as they say still water runs deep.

In Death series

It goes without saying she is sexy and hot. Handling her requires a tough man and enters Roarke. The dream guy for all the planets. From street urchin to a multi billionaire who practically owns half the universe. The  grey zone for him is little extensive for he has lived on the wrong side of the law and knows how to hack into anything and everything. The tech genius and a man with deadly looks and the built and physique and blue-blue eyes. He can make Greek Gods conscious, and he knows it!  He is Irish and the accent can make your keens go week. He is the perfect temperament for the tough cop. She is pizza he is caviar, she is pepsi tube he is wine. But they make it work.  The Cop and the criminal, sharp as whip and hardheaded as skull, they make for a crackling chemistry.

Detective Delia Peabody: she is the partner of eve and is the bang opposite of her in nature. She is girly, loves color, can chatter and tries to make eve talk, which is in itself a deadly task. She is cop to the bone, and as eve’s partner she has to be on top of her game all the time. Roarke makes her swoon but she is with tech guy Detective Ian MacNab. The way she can understand eve and her thoughts is touching as is the way eve takes care of her as one of her own. The is pure cop bonding.


Detective Ian MacNab:  He is the colorful guy, literally. Never without blings or colors, he is a tech genius as well. Though he doesn’t have all the gadgets as Roarke, he looks forward to time when he can play with Roarkes gadgets. Its purely because of his tech genius that eve lets him be around.

Captain Ryan Feeney:  He is the one who taught Eve everything, he is the mentor, and the one who guides Eve, is in the tech department and has the knack of  a seasoned cop.

Dr. Mira: A psychiatrist and a very good one at that. She is the closest to a mother for Eve. The innate sense the way and the control gives a motherly touch to it all.

The gadgets of the future have autochefs, the name is pretty clear n this one. There are glide trams, glide carts, recyclers, stun guns, anticancer vaccine, seal-it and lot more. The author is clever one, for in one of the novels, Indulgence In Death, she had the criminal use present day weapons like crossbows and whips and harpoons to commit the murders and the cops were appropriately baffled!


The life of these characters becomes real to you. You anticipate their moves, can’t wait for everything to be all right for them and when they survive, you take an easier breath. This is the one book that will make up for the lousy office hours of boring college hours. If you want some meaty talks, some no non-sense cop work and a love story without the unnecessary fringes. It is over the top sometimes, but we can give the author that leeway for the premise demands it, with futuristic setting a super-cop, billionaire hunk and al the gadgets one can think off. If you want to experiment some, this is the one to choose for this weekend read.