Some Different Ways of Getting Self Disciplined

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When we think of self discipline, we think it is when someone is being so serious. I don’t see self discipline like that. I see it as having that cool collective calm nature when nothing can stop you. You have a hundred percent focus, a hundred percent concentration but underneath the surface, you are as cool as an ice cold mango juice. Some tools i use in helping me build self discipline are unorthodox but it works. I met a guy who changed his name to get self disciplined. This sounds weird but he gave some logical explanation for it. The names we give ourselves helps prime our subconscious mind because we work through associations, Positive associations and negative associations. So, words are powerful vibrations. Also, word is also bond. A name like Shiva, which is a powerful name. Now you are channeling back the god’s energy because we think Lord Shiva as a source of great power. Other names like Kali, a strong Hindu Goddess, a great protector but at the same time a vengeful destroyer. Word is power and it helps us in getting self disciplined too. There was a local basketball player who was quite good in his play. He was called “Professor” by locals. Look at the name here. He used the Professor and he was going past people like it was nothing. But one would say that he is a smart guy because he used that name.

Let Go


Second tool that can be used to get self disciplined is letting go of something you love that is no longer serving you. I used to love chicken, beef and pork but it wasn’t serving me. It did not have my best interests at hand so now eating more healthy food helps me to be calm and more self disciplined. Because now i can survive in the wilderness. It is all about sacrifice. If it is not serving you anymore then just let it go. You have to let go of all of these pleasures of life if they don’t have your best interests at hand. That can give you the motivation to succeed in life. Many of us eat a lot of junk food and feel great in a short run. But in long run it is going to hurt us. We start feeling the side effects and start putting on unnecessary and harmful level of fat. But once you get out of this trap, everything changes. You get a whole new more disciplined body.



Another tool is to build mental, emotional, spiritual and physical strength. Exercising should be a part of our daily routine. Because when you keep moving you body, you remain in flow but when you crash down, you feel dizzy. Body is the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind lives in the present moment. That is the secret. So, in building our mental and emotional strength, we have to start changing habits of our subconscious mind. To do this, you can use mindfulness, just being out there in nature, grounding yourself into meditation because this is all wonderful. Meditation heals over ninety percent of diseases but also it puts us in that alpha state. We can become more focused, more creative and more importantly, more self disciplined. Breathing deep also does wonders. There is a simple rule of inhale for four, hold for four and release for four. It is about the quality of air we are breathing to help us become more self disciplined. I love to go to seaside mountains because there is no pollution and the air is really fresh.

Get Up Early


We also need to wake up early every single day because we have so much energy first thing in the day and just getting into that routine is going to do so much for you. When we remain in bed until its 10 o’clock in the morning, we have lost so many opportunities to really create and reach our highest potential. We can still do it but it becomes harder for us. It is necessary to grow a habit of rising with the sun. This will keep you in good alignment and your body in rhythm all day. That is how you can stay self disciplined.

Remove Distractions


Our self discipline increases when we have a passion for it. Passion is the catalyst for manifesting our desires. If there is no passion, there is no discipline. Letting go of distractions along your journey will keep you focused. You also can get disciplined if you use less and less social media like Facebook and Twitter. These are nothing but unnecessary distractions. We open Facebook and remain there for hours doing nothing productive. Self discipline is all about connecting more with the natural world. We all love all of this technology but we have to remind ourselves that it is all about getting back into nature. Then there is television which tells lies to our vision. It blocks our vision and feeds us unnecessary garbage and we accept that unconsciously. We should start reading more about what can assist us in becoming greatest version of ourselves. We should learn something new everyday because that is how our knowledge base and awareness increases. That is how we stay self disciplined.