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How many of us have ever tried or even thought of laying our hands on knitting something? Yes it is an art. And not everyone has the courage to begin it especially when you’re young. But again, as tough as it may seem, as slow as it may seem, the outcome will be much more fruitful. Knitting is a very slow and it rewards you. When you see your work before your eyes, the reward for the patience, it is ecstatic. Something beyond words. Also it is an extremely creative hobby. Also I feel it is a very challenging hobby because although it requires humungous amounts of patience , when a stitch goes wrong, you’ve had it. It keeps demanding patience and more of it. So in case you find knitting exciting and want to create something ,This is it. If this is what you’ve been doing since a while, you’re going amazing already but in case you are confused about what to do or how to start, here’s what you must do.

  • Learn the basics

Once you lay your hand on the needles, you must start with creating a chain over and over again until you perfect it. Then practise with the two stitches knit and pearl. Keep perfecting these only. These are the basics and this is the only thing that you need to know to knit .Everything later on is only based on how strong you are with your chains, knit and pearl stitches.

  • Visualise the result

Visualise first what you want to create and then jump at it. However hard knitting may appear to be the result will always be worth it. It will be very tempting to abandon the piece when obstacles occur and believe me, it tests your patience to the highest level. But the only tonic you have is to stick on.

  • Follow a knitting community

The more the merrier. It is always advisable to be around people who knit so that you can be motivated at all times. If you’re the only one knitting at home, take the initiative and teach other members of the family. There are various forums, exhibitions and communities where you can enrol yourself and discover this field on a wider way. You can take up projects of others to help them, knit tiny things, useless things that probably make no sense. But the joy obtained will be immense.

  • Money saver

What if you have huge family say of 10 members and not that much earnings? You would share on clothes /books basic necessities right? You don’t need to do that. Say your child saw a really nice jacket or a muffler on television and you said that it is expensive. No. next time he says that, try your best to knit it or at least attempt. One, he will be overjoyed and for you it will be nothing less than an achievement. Your confidence will increase and this will urge you to keep trying out new stuff.

  • The best gift

Making something with your own hands could be the best gift you can give someone. It had such an effect to both the giver and the receiver that the impression is long lasting. All you need in wool, knitting needles and the vision to create . Keep making stuff and gifting them to people you like. Just wait and watch for the effect and appreciation that you receive. It’s the best gift you can give anyone irrespective or age /gender/ethnicity and there’s absolutely no dearth of things that you can knit.



  • Increase you marketability

In today’s fast changing world, with everyone obtaining so many degrees, how many of us actually make a difference in terms of the skill set we possess? What is it other than the educational qualifications that we have? The only way to improve your self worth is by increasing your skill set. So why not knitting? It is an amazing quality that you can possess. Your ability to knit could turn you to a star. You could start marketing your products and turn it into a business as well.


So for all those who have already been knitting, keep up the good work and do not stop .For those who are yet to start, please start today itself. Go get yourself the needles and the wool. Either catch hold of a veteran in the field or begin with the online beginners module and watch the transformation for yourself.

  • It  teaches important life skills

Many prisoners in the West today are taught knitting and it more than therapy to them. It keeps them It truly separated them from anything normal or real in the world.

  • It helps you overcome addiction.

The irony is that knitting itself is addictive but the key is n swapping a truly self-destructive addiction for the relatively tame addiction of knitting.

  • It keeps your mind always in action

While knitting, you are always active mentally. Simply because you cannot stop focussing on the activity .It builds concentration and patience in children as well.

“If properly practised, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either”.- Elizabeth Zimmerman