Distraction to danger!

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There are so many things that we use for temporary distraction but later on it turns into a habit and “boom” it leads to danger. Not every distraction is a danger some of them are though. One of the biggest example of this is kids now-a-days, when they cry or do not listen we often tend to say do this then we will hand over the phone to you to play or eat up your food then you can use the internet. Right? Isn’t it, we all doing the same thing? Then distraction turns into habit and habit leads to addiction and then it turns out to be a danger because we all are so much into the networking thing right now it is impossible for all of us to stay away from this even for few minutes. There are exceptions though but hardly any. Parents must be thinking that keeping child busy by distracted with computer or laptop or any other thing that connects them with social networking site but all you doing this is going wrong as this may lead to more harm to them than any good. Almost everyone is social media site including children also. One of the surveys conducted gave out the result as nearly 25% of children in age group of 13 yrs. Old, 22% of 11 yr. old, 15% of 10 yr. old, 5% to 10% of 8-9 year old are active on Facebook.

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See the numbers of children are so high. This indicated that it was not the fault of child but it was the parent who kept them distracted by letting them use the social media and then they crib about it. About 82% of parents are the reasons for their children use this social media and leads to danger. As every coin has two sides similarly everything has pros and cons of itself. As social media is useful for sharing things similarly it also may lead to havoc and wide spread of unwanted thing. One of my know friend, few months ago one school going girl posted something about his friend on Facebook as a fun factor but before she realized her mistake it was too late to delete the comment the post had spread like fire. After that the victim suffered some serious issues, the victim was so much frustrated as all the classmates started to tease that victim actually started to feel that there is some fault with self. The victim is currently undergoing the therapy. It would have been prevented if they both weren’t on Facebook. The more appalling thing is parents encourage them to sign up the Facebook. This obviously lead us to question that what’s actually wrong with parents even after knowing the cons they encourage them into this. According to the counselor once mentioned in newspaper stated that parents think it is one of the useful and necessary thing that child knows how to operate the phone or computer. They fail to realize that internet is virtual world, with a false sense of control counselor added this thing while mentioning the above statement. There may be fake accounts or else there may be social abuse case as mentioned above which may lead to some major problem in one’s life. I personally feel it should be used under the guidance if someone or else the cons will lead to worse scenarios further. Children at this age should be making friends and playing around with them and not seating home and chatting.  The real gestures and social skills which they need to learn are missing out due to addiction to social media and chit chatting virtually rather than in reality. I tell you it’s more weird when you talk to them virtually and when the real time comes to talk we are just standing there numb. The real essence of socializing is lost in that social world. Parents now-a-days just hand over the cell phones to their children when they start throwing tantrums. They tend to have the notion that the child is learning but is not the case always. Need for these gadgets are created at very early stage now-a-days. Doctors suggest that Facebook should be restricted to use up to the age of at least 18. As children below this age are not ready to accept and undergo the traumatize situation. At times the can cause harm to themselves unknowingly though by thinking of what not things they shouldn’t be doing at that age. Whether it may be teen or tween it is affecting all in negative way. This is affecting their real social skills resulting into image problems.



There is a constant competition between all as in whose profile picture is the best or whose status is worth liking and all that stuff. Always a constant peer pressure on one to look good in that display picture often called DPl. Trying all kind of poses for the best picture is the toughest competition rather than when we were children we use to compete for the best cricket set or best Barbie doll set. Things have changed so does the thinking nature of everyone. Hope you notice what is best and what is not.