Don’t give up eating, just eat right…

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For the ones who are watching their abs to get that slender frame and an enviable body ‘food=calories’ but we keep forgetting that not only food nourishes our body also helps us grow and it is the reason we are alive. We fail to realize when that slender frame takes the shape of an anorexic body that forces oneself to starve. This not being a sign of a healthy mind and body affects the well-being and hinders our thinking abilities. So instead of giving up food al together and living on crash liquid and in some bizarre cases air diets we should just start eating right. A starved body can look sleek but can never be healthy. As such eating disorders can cause ravenous hunger, severe acidity, nausea, black outs and major body disfuctionings.

Never skip meals:
The pumping of the heart, breathing through the lungs and the excretory system all work 24*7 and our body requires fuel to carry on these processes. Therefore we should never starve ourselves or skip meals. Eat more of fiber and proteins by cutting down on fats and carbohydrates. Have filling meals that give you the energy to get through the day.

Drink lots of water:
Drinking lots of water helps remove toxins from your body. Keeps your body hydrated and replenishes your skin. Always start your meals with a glass of water; this stops you from impulsive over eating. Also having a glass of warm water after meals washes out oils from your system.

Have small meals at regular intervals:

Instead of having three heavy meals, have small healthy meals every two hours. Break you three meals into six smaller units. It will help your metabolism and digestion process. This will make you feel light and not loaded after meals. Won’t make you lousy and sleepy.

Healthy snacking:

Binge eating is a major reason for weight gains. Eating little unhealthy snacks and skipping meals because of it is the biggest mistake some people make. Trade your fried unhealthy snacks with salads, fruits and dry fruits. Not just they will make you healthy; they will leave space for your proper meals.

Take a walk:

Take a little stroll after your meals. As most people skip meals to avoid the stuffed feeling they get after meals. Taking a small walk will help get rid of that feeling. Will help digestion and won’t make you feel lazy after meals.

Have early dinners:

The earlier you eat dinner, the better it is, only because you are awake longer and perhaps, more active than you would be late in the night. Climbing up the bed as soon as you have your dinner and going to sleep often cause celluloid fat and result in ‘fat hangovers’ in the morning.

 Avoid fats, high-sugar meals for dinner:

Eating high sugar high fat dinners often add more to your weight than eating them for breakfast or lunch, as they get more time to digest in the day time. Also you are more active in the day than you are in the night.

Giving up on excess alcohol:

Alcohol does a great job in making you unhealthy. An occasional drink or two won’t harm that much but excessive alcohol slows down your system affecting the liver, making your body work harder. So avoid falling for that one extra drink.

Stay happy:

No other thing in this world can keep you as fit as having a good laugh, a sweet smile, a heartfelt pleasing feel.  A healthy body is always accompanied by a happy face. Don’t stress, sit back, enjoy life and keep a healthy attitude.