Don’t mess with a Bibliophile!

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Bibliophiles not only live for and live amongst books books and books but they are essentially a totally different type of species as a matter of fact. Books not only transport them to another world but also also open up their minds to such an extent that a non bibliophile will and can never understand. At least in movies when there is something to be   kept mysterious, there are visual effects, background music etc but here in this case, it s only and only the mind and the mind can reach places that nothing else can. A bibliophile does not need anything else .

Throw him anywhere and he always has his best friends with him.

He is never ever bored instead he always looks out for opportunities .

He never runs out of any topics to discuss about in any gathering meeting and is ever updated about all happenings.

All his leisure time is spent is reading and yes Words are mightier than a sword and no one knows that better than him.

All his pocket money/salary is spent on books and non readers essentially think of this as a complete waste of money but please, don’t ever tell this to him because according to him you are already not even counted in the inner circle.

He truly understands the pain when the book he’s finished and the same movie he watches has no nexus at all.

Most importantly   , he always has an opinion about everything which is in some or the other way linked to he has read somewhere and believe me he is extremely proud about himself for this.

You may you are cool due to various reasons but yes you are never even close to a bibliophile. The moment he picked up a book in the first place, he has already crossed the bar.

Money, Beauty, Profession does not matter when it comes to books .That’s the beauty of it. Also I think Literature is one of the best things to read, It not only improves your language skills but also makes a better person out of you. It exposes you to the classic days during the inception of language , the thought processes applied then are so much more apt and thought provoking than the contemporary ones. It essentially shifts your thinking. When you read about real life heroes say Hellen Keller, you are totally in a different world and wonder  ”Those were the days my friend”.

Books make you a better person and you are always prepared for anything that is thrown at you and .But yes there is always one condition! Never read for the heck of it and lose the purpose. Whatever you lay your hands on always make it a point to cut through it, get a grip, understand it inside out. Because otherwise the sole purpose of reading is defeated.

Now the question arises that in case you are a nonreader what next? Not a problem…If you haven’t started yet, You can always start. It’s always better late than never. So to start off,  take baby steps.

Start off with these


–         Jonathan Livingston Seagull-Richard Bach 

This is a simple read. Will teach you about where determination can take you. Lucid text and a lot to learn .

–          Chetan Bhagat series

You can start off with these to build up your speed. The novels are all about simple Indian scenarios and a fun read. Written very well and a very good time pass to start off with to understand reading.

–          Who Moved my Cheese?

Extremely easy to understand, good for building up speed and you learn about how to adjust in different scenarios. This is always well read when in different phases of life and helps a lot to understand about the simplicity of language yet very effective.

–          Harvard Business Review

Although you may think this is a tough read, no .In fact the top 10 books here are the best and easiest to read. They are all on management and managing oneself. Immense source of knowledge and   very lucid text.

–          Jhumpa Lahiri

Very powerful writing .She mostly writes about Calcutta ie, The Lowland, Namesake are her best sellers .However the descriptive and powerful choice of words gives the reader goose bumps. A must read for someone who wants to start reading.

–          Comics

Comics are the best and cheapest source of reading. Even the ones in the newspaper everyday is a rich source. They not only expose you to the humorous side of things but widen your imagination to a whole new level.

–          Ancient Tales

We Indians have so much to read about in our history Ramayana, Mahabharata, Geetanjali etc, These may sound complicated due to the number of characters but the morals they teach us are very basic and essential.

–          Short Stories

Incase you have short attention span then start with short stories. It will gradually help you increase you attention span and you can enjoy these stories on a different perspective as well by just enjoying them for their  brevity.

Enjoy yourself, open up your minds, travel to another world through books and discover the importance of being good.