Easy Exercises to do at Home

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Winter is the season where one tends to eat a lot. The best part about winters is that the layers of fat that we put on after eating so much food get hidden behind those n number of layers that we have on. But as spring approaches, the number of layers that we put on get less by the day and when it’s spring it’s time to take out those summer clothes. Summer clothes are usually revealing and when it’s during this time that we realize the amount of weight that we have put on. This is the time when one starts to lose their winter fat. Most of the people start working on losing that winter fat and the other kind is the one which is lazy but yet wants to lose their fat. It’s not like the latter don’t want to work on their body, they just don’t want to get up and find a gym and be regular. In case, you fall in the latter category you needn’t worry anymore there are some simple exercises which you can do at home to burn some fat off your body. The only thing you would need to do is take at least one hour out from your busy routine and do these exercises. These exercises would help to burn fat in almost all the important areas of your body. Here are some of the exercises that you should do:

1. Mountain Climbers:


The level of difficulty for this exercise is medium. This exercise helps to keep the heart rate up and should be incorporated in Power circuits. The main are at which this exercise aims at is the abdominal area and the thighs. While doing mountain climbers, the stomach does not sag it stretches the stomach. The best thing about this exercise is that it helps one to burn fat for over 24 hours. So how should one go about doing this exercise. The very first step is to lie down on your face and then straighten your arms and make sure your knees are down on the floor. Your arms should be parallel to your shoulder and directly under your chest. After that, stretch out your left leg and bring your right knee closer to your right hand, in such a manner that it looks like you are climbing a tree or a mountain. Then do the same thing with your left side, straighten your right leg and bring your right knee towards your right hand. Continue doing this. In the beginning do 3 sets of 10 and after you have gotten the hang of this exercise, do it continuously for 30-40 seconds.

2. Squat with Side Kick:

Squat with side kick is one of the best exercises for the lower body. It helps to tone almost the whole of lower body, including the outer thighs. Toning outer thighs is one of the most difficult things to do. To begin with stand with your feet apart, the width between your feet should wider than your hip-width. Turn your toes slightly out, enough to allow your knees to track over your toes. Bend your arms and place the fists below your chin. Then squat down to a 90 degree and try and keep your back straight. After that, contract your core then kick one leg out as you balance yourself on the other leg. Return to the starting position. And do the same thing again with the other leg. Begin with 3 sets of 10. Always make sure that your back is straight while you are squatting and also that your knees don’t cave inwards on the squat


3. Side Bends:


The difficulty level of side bends is beginner. The main purpose of doing side bends is to get rid of the hideous love handle that falls out of your sides. Love handles are that amount of fat which you can get hold from the side of your waist. The thing you might need for this exercise is light weight dumbbells. But it can be done without it too. Firstly, stand with your feet apart. The distance between your feet should be equal to your shoulder-width. Secondly, stick your stomach in and try and make sure that your stomach touches the inner ribs. After that, bend towards your left side, sliding your hand on the side of your right leg, and do the same with your left side. In case, you want to use dumbbells, hold them only on the side on which you are bending in order to create more pressure on that one side. Try avoiding use both the dumbbells at the same time as it will defeat the whole purpose. Do 3 sets of 15.

4. Tricep Push-ups:

Tricep pushups work in the arms, core and the chest area. It is one of the many forms of pushups as the name itself suggests. The first and the most obvious step is to lie down on the floor with your face down and your hands right under your shoulders. The distance between your hands should be closer than the shoulder width distance for a close hand position. After that hold your torso up at an arm’s length and inhale. Now lower yourself to the ground and exhale. Now, push yourself up on the starting position, this will create tension in your chest. Repeat the same thing. Do 3 sets of 10