Easy Techniques to Lose Weight

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There comes a point in most of our lives where we start to worry about our weight. If that point in your life hasn’t come, then you will surely have it but you can avoid it if you take proper care. In the recent times there have been a lot of debates about weight issues, but this isn’t about that. It is about being healthy and not being over or under weight and also about being fit. But as we all know that is one of the most difficult things to do. Most of us are all inspired to lose weight and get back into shape, but that inspiration is only limited and lasts for a few seconds and we hope that we wake up next morning with a toned body. But you know that it is not going to happen. For a good body and to lose weight you need to work. Some people do work, they get up and go to gym. But then again there are people who don’t have that motivation to get their lazy bums of the couch and go to the gym.

So what should one do then? Want to lose weight but don’t want to work towards it. Here are some simple ideas which will help you cut down on those few extra calories that you have been taking in while crying and cribbing about your weight.  So here are few simple things which is going to help you to cut down on that fat.

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The first important step that you should follow is that you should drink loads and loads and loads of water. After you wake up you should have luke warm water with honey as it helps to cut down the appetite and also helps to stabilize your weight. The rest of the day try drinking as much cold water as you can. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water. Make sure the water is cold. Drinking cold water can help you to reduce over 700g of weight in a year. When one drinks cold water, the body has to work towards bringing the temperature of the water down to the level of the body temperature. Hence, the body burns calories.

Secondly, If you are a person with a sweet-tooth then its time to make some sacrifices. The first and the most important sacrifice is to stop taking any unnatural sweeteners. Keep away from Sugar Free, Equal or even sugar for that matter of fact. Try to use brown sugar, instead of the processed white sugar and if you can substitute sugar with honey then nothing can be better. Second would be to do away with Milk Chocolates. Milk Chocolates are the ones which have the most calories. If you are a chocolate lover and cannot give up chocolate then take in Dark Chocolate as Dark chocolate helps to get your metabolism up and cuts down on your appetite. dark_chocolate

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After step one and step two, the third step of this process consists of your food habits. When it comes to food habits, its hard to get the right ones. The world is full of yummy and unhealthy food. But now it’s time to let go. The time for yummy and healthy food would come on the cheat day. For now take as many raw vegetables and fruits as you can. They help to bring up your metabolism and provides your body with the important nutrients that it needs to sustain itself. When eating, one should try and eat in smaller plates because when one eats in larger plates they tend to eat more. So smaller plates are better. And take in at least 6 meals of the size of your fist. When making yourself something to eat try to use olive oil as it is more healthy. Also try spices as it is a fact that if one eats spicer food the appetite of the person comes down.

The last and the most important step is to walk. Walk as much as you can. If there is a place which you want to get to and you can walk to that place then walk. Walking helps you to burn calories and if you walk on a regular basis then it even tones your leg. Suppose you don’t intend to go out on a particular day then get up and start walking around your house. Count your steps if you can. In case you are in office, walk around your office after every 30-45 minutes. The more the number of your steps the more calories you burn. Walking to Improve Running460

Bringing down your appetite does not in any manner mean cutting your appetite to zero. You should eat when you are feeling hungry and under no circumstances starve yourself, when you can pretty much get up and get something to eat. In case of starvation the body starts to store in food it can get. Starving might help you reduce weight for a while but after that it will bloat you up like a boat. So be healthy, eat right and be fit. The steps that have been explained above take a lot of time to show their results so be patient and stay fit.