Eat Healthy and Within Budget

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Abundance is a natural state and we should all be eating the most energy rich foods full of nutrients. These foods give us mental clarity, emotional and mental balance. However, many of us are spending so much on healthy food that we run out of money. So we have to find some ways so that we can eat healthy and remain in budget as well. But the first problem is about eating good food. We all love junk food like burgers, hot dogs and other deep fried things. But we have to realize that health is wealth and we are loosing that every time we are eating something like that. But even after starting a good natural and healthy diet, the problem of budget persists. So, here are some ways of eating healthy on a budget.

1. Eat In


We have to remind ourselves to stop eating out all the time. It is hard to do but once you start eating in and making your own food, not only you will enjoy the preparation process but it will be more rewarding, more fulfilling and more life changing. Now you are learning the process of how the food is made. This gives us deep self appreciation and also saves us a lot of money because many times we go out and just order things that we actually don’t want to eat. Then we look at the bill and get surprised. But you should not be surprised because you have been sitting there eating with a big smile on your face. It doesn’t mean that you just have to eat in everyday. You can go to a restaurant nearby with amazing food once a week but on the other days, just open a cookbook and find new recipes to make food on your own.

2. Go to Farmer’s Market


When you are thinking of eating healthy food within a budget then just go to a farmer’s market because they have the most amazing organically grown food. This food is coming from a place where people are also interested in food production with good quality. You will find that this will save you a huge amount of money. This, in the long run, may even encourage us to grow our own food and that is an ultimate money saver. So, buying vegetables and other food from local or farmer’s market also help us in exploring some new ideas.

3. Eat Whole Foods

whole foods

Eating whole foods and whole grains like fruit seeds of the rhubarb family is very beneficial in every way. It is full of magnesium which helps in the circulation of blood around the body. So, in the long run buying foods like this wills save us on medical bills. The whole foods are full of life enzymes and once you eat them, it is really easy to digest them. For example, cucumbers are full of enzymes and once you eat them, they will help digest in your body. They don’t have to go elsewhere and rob your body of nutrients. So, it does wonders once we invest more whole foods and that saves us a lot money. Once we can buy in bulk like 5 kg, 10 kg or even 20 kg, it is going to get more and more profitable for us.

4. 2 For 1


Just get creative. This is the only way to eat healthy on a budget. For instance, when you buy a coconut, you enjoy the beautiful coconut water before eating the fleshy part. This is called 2 for 1. The coconut water is bursting full of caloric acid which helps in boosting our immune system. It is full of electrolytes and potassium in more quantity than bananas. We lose this during the rigorous exercises that we do during the day when we are rushing around doing whatever we are doing. I buy avocados. I eat Avocados. But in the process, i realize that i can also use avocados as a substitute for butter. You can also use it as a substitute for your facial mask because it has so many nutritional benefits for the skin. Some other 2 for 1 ideas include using lettuce instead of tortillas, using seltzer+cucumber+mint as zero calorie soda and using almond meal instead of flour. You can do so much by being creative and this will save you a lot of money. You even can do 3 for 1 or 4 for 1 sometimes. Some people even use lemons as air fresheners.

5. Reduced Amount of Animal Products


The products that are produced after processing meats, not only they contain toxins but they are more expensive and you have to keep going back because they are devoid of the right nutrients. The money you spend on beef, lamb or chicken, you can save such money and spend them on cheaper but healthier products like pineapples, mangoes, grains and vegetables full of vitamins and proteins. It is also necessary to stay away from the processed foods because they are stripped of many vital nutrients. Once we go to the farmer’s market, we can get fresh food and save a lot of money. Another great way is to eat more nuts and seeds because they give us the energy we need to become greater.