Why Eggs are Good for You

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I am sure that all the moms will be having a hard time in making their children eat eggs. Kids are usually not huge fans of eggs and they loathe it. They always tend to behave like you are poisoning them when you give them eggs. So most of us usually give up on them. But you know what? Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrients and are packed with goodness that are essential for every child during its growing period. Well, i know its tough to make your toddler listen, but please don’t give up on him or her. Read on to find out why.


Did you know that eggs are a rich source of vitamins and minerals? One egg per day can work wonders on your health. You will be astonished after you find it out.

Boosts weight loss: Most of you would have heard people saying “Don’t eat too many eggs, they are not good for you because they make you gain weight”. Trust me, this is a myth. Eggs actually help you lose weight. So by including eggs in your breakfast, you can limit your calorie intake for the rest of the day by more than four hundred calories.

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals: These tiny white powerhouses are rich in iron, zinc and phosphorous which are essential for the body. Iron is essential for women to maintain menstrual health. Phosphorous is essential for healthy bones and teeth. I am sure you would have seen toothpaste advertisements which say that their product is rich in phosphorous. Zinc is essential for a healthy immune system and helps in converting the food you consume into energy.They also contain Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), helps your body to break down food into energy. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin), is vital for producing red blood cells that carry oxygen to all the parts of your body. Vitamin A (retinol), is great for your eyesight. Vitamin E (tocopherol), helps fights off the free radicals that can cause tissue and cellular damage, which may lead to cancer.

To protect eyes: As said above, eggs are rich in Vitamin A that help your eyesight improve tremendously. In addition to that, they contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin which are antioxidants that prevent the early onset of cataract and blindness.

Helps lower blood pressure: Eggs are a rich source of proteins as well. Protein is essential for repairing the damaged cells in our body and s is a must for growing kids. But this nutrient has another function as well. The protein in the egg acts as an inhibitor which can lower hypertension which in turn can lower blood pressure.

Helps improve reflexes: Tyrosine,which is an amino acid that is found in eggs is said to improve the reflexes of the body according to recent studies.

Wow!! I am sure you are spellbound by the fact that such a tiny source has so much nutrients in it. This is why we should never underestimate the power of nature. I am sure you are not gonna let your kids get away without eating eggs and I am also certain that you will include them in your diet as well. Well at least adults have the capacity to understand. But about the kids? They are definitely not gonna understand if you give them a lecture and will never even listen in the first place. So the question is how are you going to do it?


Here are a few tips as to how to make your kids eat eggs everyday.

  • Be a role model: Wondering how? You can be one by STARTING TO EAT EGGS YOURSELF. Kids always look up to their parents and also learn good habits from them. So eating eggs in front of your  child/children is definitely going to help them follow it. But if you are going to eat something unhealthy for breakfast, don’t expect your child to follow it.
  • Change your child’s routine at a slow pace: If your child has been following an unhealthy way of eating, try to introduce the healthy stuff one by one instead of rushing. This helps them manage and accept the change in their routine.
  • Cook your eggs in the proper way: As we all know, kids get bored easily. So if you are gonna be giving the same preparation of eggs for your kid, they are gonna start hating it and may stop eating it once and for all. So just go for variety. There are many ways in which you can cook your eggs. They can be cooked scrambled, boiled, poached, made into an omelet and so on. So just give your child a different preparation everyday. Its gonna be hard but you won’t regret it once your child becomes healthy.
  • Try improving the taste of eggs: Most of us don’t tend to enjoy eggs as they are. So you can improvise them by adding ingredients that go well with eggs. Cheese, herbs and garlic work great with eggs.
  • Educate your child: I did say in the beginning that its tough to educate your child about nutrients. So yes, you will have to take a different approach. Find out their favorite sport or a cartoon character who they adore for its strength. A classic example of this is Popeye. Tell them that only if they eat eggs they can become a star in their favorite sport or that they will become strong like Popeye.



Now that you are aware of the goodness of eggs, I am sure you will start eating them yourself. And if you have kids, I am certain that you are gonna make them eat it and won’t give up on them, because now you know the trick to make them eat healthy as all the above tips can be applied to any healthy food other than eggs.