Eliminating the Signs of Acne

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Acne facial care teenager woman squeezing pimple
Acne, pimples, blackheads are some of the words detested by every human being. Come teenage years and you need to start getting acquainted with this problem. The once flawless and smooth skin gets hidden under the rough bumps on the skin. Not just the girls but even the guys find this to be something of extreme annoyance. Acne Vulgaris, as they are aptly known medically are a thing that every teenager and youth wishes to eliminate from their lives entirely. Spots, zits, pimples is not an uncommon sight. The youth are ready to go to huge extents to get rid of those undesirable marks around their otherwise pretty faces. But unfortunately, it is not as easy to get rid of them as it is to attain them. Also, the costs of this headache generating pimples is not just one but many. Blame it on the age and the hormones that trigger its occurrence or the unusual and irregular eating styles, after a point it becomes an integral part of the teenage life and may extend to the twenties as well. So what happens exactly?

Getting into biological terms, the growth hormones called as the androgenic hormones are the commonest reasons. Even the Pilocebaceous follicles bacteria are a major cause. These types of bacteria are very efficient when it comes to bacterial colonization under the skin resulting in infection under the skin generating on account of the allergic reactions of the cells to the bacterial cluster. Extreme oiliness of the facial skin is another matter that contributes to the pimple problems. This occurs due to the increased production of Sebum which is the oily facial excretion. Limited amount of oil is necessary to maintain the desired glow on the face but excess secretion must be brought under check. Moving around especially in areas of high levels of pollutants is another contributing factor. Seasonal variation is also very often seen. The worst conditions are observed during the summers. The tropical areas of the earth too suffer immensely as a result of this. Many a times people make use of cosmetics which do not suit their skin leading to precipitation of the condition. Acne if characterized by the comedons. This is the term used to describe the two main types of pimples observed. One is the open comedons commonly known as blackheads to everyone as they appear like large black bumps consisting of some black material in them. The other kind is called the closed comedons. They are tinier and not inflammable. They look like the color of the skin and only provide a rough appearance and texture to the skin.
Acne can be of various types: Acne Fulminans is severe form of acne. Its adverse effects include occurrence of fever and pain in the joints. Another severe type of acne which is slightly less painful than the previous type is the Conglobat acne which consists of several cysts and abscesses. As a result of the comedons found to be dominant yet very mild and painless may be caused due to exogenous materials such as oily cosmetics and improper consumption of food. Severe acne is visible amongst individuals with polycystic syndrome.

Some instructions are ought to be followed to keep pimples at bay. Keep a check on the food that you consume. Make it a point to avoid oily foods like chips, Chinese fast foods apart from sweet items such as chocolates, cookies as much as possible. Always have a habit of washing the face daily at least three or four times a day with face wash. Make use of a face wash that will suit your face type. Usually the ones with herbal extracts and antiseptic properties should be made use of. Also take into account the type of soap or face wash for oily or dry skin after all you wouldn’t want to end up with a rough looking or extremely oily face. It is necessary to maintain personal hygiene. Many a time our skin comes in contacts with the germs which lead to such outbursts of the skin. These germs gain entry when we make use of the unwashed and unhygienic hands to touch our faces. It is therefore also necessary to keep the nails clean. Most teenagers have an awfully irritating habit of fidgeting with the acne and in the process puncturing it. Instead of getting rid of the acne they end up develop several more pimples. Adding to that are the woes of undesirable marks on the face that stay behind as a result of the puncturing.

One must make it a point to wash the hair with a mild anti-dandruff shampoo at least twice a week. Hair dandruff and oily scalp may add to the problems of pimples. Also avoid applying oil on the hair on usual days. But that doesn’t imply that you must give up hair oil completely. You can oil your hair and leave it on for some time before you wash the hair. If the problems persist for long durations it is wise to consult a dermatologist before things turn ugly. Usually mild cases have no need of any kind of therapeutic attention. Proper care of the skin will ensure health of the skin.