Embrace the heat

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Happen to read about the sky rocketing temperatures in the newspaper daily? I recently read somewhere online that the temperature in New Delhi was 47.8 degree Celsius, the maximum recorded in the past five years! This is insane, isn’t it!? Aren’t things getting a little too difficult to handle in this scorching heat? How do we deal with this ever-increasing irritating heat? Well frankly there is nothing that you or me can do about this, unless you have the time and money to go for a long vacation to some relatively colder place probably in the hills, but for the rest of us the one thing that we can do is to learn how to embrace this heat, taking out the ‘un’ part from the ‘unbearable’ . So I did a little research which is why I am listing out some of the techniques below which may help make this time of the year a little less maddening and a little more comfortable for you.


1. First of all remember that WATER is the key to survival in the summers (and otherwise as well!). Drink plenty of water. Make it a practice to start your day by drinking two glasses of water. This will boost your metabolism, rid your body of all toxins and kick start your day. Apart from this, make it a habit to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. You won’t believe how this one simple habit of yours can prove to be so effective while helping you feel fresh and active for a longer duration of time. Water not only prevents dehydration but also aides in cleansing your body. And add to that the fact that it imparts a lovely glow to your face! What many people don’t know, water can also help cure mild headaches which occur when the heat gets to your head. We can go on and on about the positives of something as simple (and precious) as water, but you get the drift, right?
2. Always keep a deodorant handy. Its antiperspirant properties will help you sweat less. Nobody feels happy working when he/she does not feel fresh enough. So to avoid the unpleasant and rather embarrassing foul sweats, keep a deodorant handy, preferably one which has long lasting effects. It’ll not only make you smell good but will also reflect in your work and in your mood as you would end up feeling more fresh and good about yourself. Another major negative point of sweating is that it leaves you dehydrated, something that you need to avoid at all costs during the summer season.
3. Avoid head-on collisions with the sun for as long as possible. Like of you need to go out to meet someone you can always reschedule it to be after the sun has set a little, right? But if this seems impossible to you, maybe due to the nature of your work, or whatever the reason may be, then keep a cap or scarf handy that’ll help you protect your head from the heat. Wear it when you need to travel in the sun and keep your head cool! This is an extremely important tip and I hope our readers in the northern part of the country take note.
4. Keep a face wash in your purse or your bag or even your vehicle if that is the best available option. When things start to get too tiring or when the activeness and the freshness starts to roll back, wash your face with the face wash and enjoy the refreshing feeling with the added glow on your face. Germ free and healthy skin keeps you fresh and refreshed.
5. Keeping a face wash in your bag and using it at short intervals are two very different things. For those of you who lie in the category of being simply too busy (or shall I call lazy) to take that extra effort of actually taking out the face wash from your bag, going to the washroom and using it, I suggest you carry wet tissues/wipes with you. Just wipe your face and hands with them whenever you feel the need and you’ll feel much better and cleaner and even more energized after that, without having to do any extra effort of course ;). But don’t start washing your face with a face wash every two hours – a certain level of oil content in your skin is necessary. So, put the cap at two to three times a day at the maximum.
6. Nimbu Paani (Lemon water) and Aam Panna(Mango drink)are two specific drinks that are good to consume in summers. They help you to fight heat internally while tasting pretty good too! Don’t worry all the calorie conscious people. A glass a day won’t hurt that bad! And if you are too conscious then you can always modify the recipe as you see fit. For example, sugar in the Nimbu Paani can be substituted with honey or any other low calorie sweetener.

As much as we want to, we just cannot turn down the heat as per our wishes but we can manage our body in this sweltering summer. Follow these simple steps and you will feel a definite difference. Till the monsoons cause mayhem, happy summers everyone!