Ending with TV Addiction-For better health

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So you thought you are a person who is in complete hold of your own life and absolutely free of addiction. Well, in that case you need to think again. You are a non-addict since you never smoke, drink or take drugs. But what about the other forms of addiction? Are you able to beat them? One can’t deny the growing dependency of the people on the TV series and reality shows. And this is not just limited to the womenfolk, but you will even find the men and kids getting glued to the idiot box to catch a glimpse of their favorite shows. From the infinitely stretching Saas-bahu serials to the pre-planned reality shows and adrenaline filled adventure shows. So much is the effect that you are even ready to skip your best friend’s birthday party rather than giving an episode a miss. This is our secret guilty pleasure. “Hey kiddo, why don’t you go out and grab a game of football with your friends?” Dad calls out. “Nah I’m having more fun here with Ben10, Dad. Can I have some more popcorn Mom?” goes the kid’s reply. This is what perhaps every kids tend to say. At the other end, the husband asks impatiently “Honey, it’s high time we leave for the party!” Here’s what the wife has to say, “But I can’t afford to miss out on this episode at any cost! Anyways, I’m sure even my friends must be still at home watching this. So just wait for a couple of hours.” These are conversations audible in most of the households.

And if you thought youngsters are completely out of this game, a small search through their laptops or PCs will reveal the real scenario. This is especially true in case of hostelites and students who can keep watching episodes after episodes even if that means they end up bunking their college. All they have to do is get a wi-fi connection and hit the download button and bam! There you go. From the thrilling seasons of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural to the mind tickling Friends and How I met your mother, there’s one for every kind. Although Indian teenagers keep away from the dragging Indian sitcoms, western series are a rage. Apart from that even Korean serials have found a huge fan base especially amongst the gals. With the end of every season viewers keep claiming for more and more and more. Because it is more than just watching, it is living every moment in it with it. It is consuming us wholly. We love the way Sherlock thinks, Damon speaks or watch Tulsi’s sacrifices for her family and Cooper create a banging effect with his theories.



When it comes to kicking the habit, it is absolutely impossible to give up just like it happens with the cigars. Consider the average number of shows viewed every week which can be 5-6. In some cases the count can be as high as 25. For some watching TV has become such a serious problem, interfering in their lives so much that family and friends want to stage interventions. These people end up pending all their chores, cleaning is infrequent; sink gets overfilled with stinky plates while the laundry is completely overlooked. For them it is like a much deserved holiday where they get to keep to themselves escaping the thoughts of the real world around them. Reel becomes the reality for them. With this way of life, soon they will need to check in a rehab. It’s taking a definite toll on the lives of kids who are turning into couch potatoes. Lack of physical activities outside the house is a start of a series of ailments and disorders ranging from obesity and diabetes to hypertension and eye woes. Social awkwardness, laziness are other side effects. It even affects your mind, where all you do is live in a virtual world of fantasy. You end up speaking thinking like your characters. Kind of moving towards a process of slowly losing out on your identity.

So when you feel like shouting-“Take me out of here!” remember one thing, mastering self control is the most effective and sure shot way of escaping its clutches. After all you can take a horse to drink the water but you can’t make it drink. Engage in other activities. Go for a vacation, chill out with friends, spend some quality family time, improvise on your work skills, develop your hobbies or even pick up new ones. Best thing is to exercise daily. These are few means of abstaining from reaching out to the remote. If required you can even toss the remote out of the window for some time. Well, not literally, but you can make it invisible.

With each passing day as there will be millions of new episodes broadcasted around the world, it is up to you how you take up to the challenge of refraining from falling prey to it. So, quit it and kick it out of your life coz you can definitely do much better without these daily soaps. It is time to wash your hands free of these daily soaps and move towards a better, healthier and more meaningful life.