Err….. Heat is Here !!!

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Summer being the warmer season has changed to summer being the hottest season now. Heat and only blistering heat is what we feel and suffer these days. No other problem is big as compared to adapting with this climate change. Our plan is to go for outing and environment plans the vice versa scenario. The heat stops us from getting outside our homes and go anywhere especially in the afternoons. Scorching and sultry sun, dusty weather, oily skin, skin tan, etc. is all what comes to our mind before going out. The idea of stepping in the sun makes us obnoxious. It feels like someone is giving you a punishment when you are told to step out in this summer. Morning is the only time when one wishes to go out as the temperature is bearable but as the day goes on the heat zooms up day by day making the environment hotter to live in. It literally feels as sun is showering the fire. The hotter the wind blows it becomes more unbearable for people to stay relieved. It leads to innumerable difficulties which turn into skin damage, skin tan, dehydration, etc. Everyone tries to save their own self by trying every possible way to be safe, from “gharelu nuska “to medical treatments. Everyone wishes to stay in cold water all day along its not possible though. Here are few tips to save you from getting tanned or how to reduce it by homemade means:

1. Increase your water intake to avoid dehydration at least 8 glass a day.
2. Exfoliating (scrubbing) helps to smoothen and soften the skin. It also helps to lighten your skin tone.

• 1 spoon of sugar mix it up with lemon juice and apply to tan part of your face and body and scrub until the sugar melts completely and then wash it with plain water.
• Mix bread crumbs with milk cream and scrub it on your face to lighten up the tone.
• Mix lentil, curd/milk, lemon juice and rice and scrub to get fair and soft skin.
• Or just rub lemon on the area which you want to make lighten let it set until it dries and then wash it warm water.
3. Or you can apply various homemade face packs to get better result:
• 1cup of tea water (cooled down), 2 spoons of rice floor, ½ a spoon honey mix them all together apply to your face and keep it for 20 minutes before removing massage gently all over your face and wash it away with cold water.
• Mix gram flour, turmeric, lemon juice, milk and apply and scrub it for 5 min and keep it for 20 min and then clean it with normal water.
• Add lemon juice to tomato juice and apply and then rinse it off. It’s a very popular method though.
• Or this face pack usually used for brides to get glow. Mix turmeric, gram flour and milk and keep it for 20 min and then rinse it off.
• Take slice of potato or pulp of it and rub it over the area which you want to lighten and then after keeping it for 15-20 min wash it off with plain water.
• Make a paste adding raw milk, turmeric and lemon juice apply to the area to be covered and wash away after 15 min with cold water.
• Aloe Vera gel is also used to reduce tan.
• Paste including lemon juice and turmeric thrice a week lightens the skin and reduces the tan.
• Drink coconut water or apply white fleshy portion of green coconut for 15 min to reduce the tan.
• Or the last but not the least one which is normal and we all know that is sandalwood powder and rose water mixture add and apply to your skin to get the desired result.
4. You also need to keep balance in what you and drink:
There should be large amount of fruit intake such as watermelon, berries, pineapple, mango, papaya, oranges, guava, etc. foods including vitamin A and C are good during this season. Iced teas, ice creams, lemonade should be included in your intake. Salad is also a good option for keeping yourself hydrated. Avoid oily foods so it won’t come out in the form of skin oil.

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Try not to go out in afternoon when there is lot of heat splashing. Arrange your time and schedule before and after the time when there is less amount of heat. Reduce the time to stay or roam around in sun to avoid getting tanned. Wash your face as soon as you get from outside to remove the dust settled onto your skin. These are the few “gharelu nuskas” which I found out to save myself from this igneous heat. Other than this you can apply sunscreen before going out in the sun and can cover the exposed part with scarf or hand gloves or socks, etc. try wearing full clothes instead for opting shorts or sleeveless so that most of the body would be covered. Follow this and you’ll be relieved for sure!
Happy Summer!