The ever alluring beach

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Who doesn’t love the beach? Be it summer or winter everyone just loves to hang out at the beach. All you need to do is put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, grab a sheet to spread out on the sands and you are all set for a day at the beach. The beach attracts people of all ages. It’s a hassle free, minimal expense trip. That’s why it’s a popular hangout for friends. The blue sky, blue waves and the brown sand…. This is what comes to our mind when we think of the beach. The wind in our hair, the music created by the crashing of the waves is some of the factors that lure people to the beach.
The sound of the waves is calming and soothing. You can just lie on the sand and keep listening to the music of the gurgling waves. It will wash away your pent up stress and frustration. It is said that the sound of the waves is similar to what every foetus hears when in the womb. That is why this is one of the universally liked sounds. It probably spreads a feeling of security and causes the body to relax.

The waves are a source of inspiration to everyone. They never tire or cease to break at the shore. The waves are an eternal personification of the value of persistence. It shows us that we have to always work hard and strive ceaselessly. We will never get tired of doing our duties if we think about why they are entrusted to us. The crashing of the waves on the sea shore holds a different meaning for each person. To those who seek inspiration it says that even after every door seems closed there is always an open window somewhere around.
The waves also never change. They are permanent. It shows us that no matter how many difficulties we face in life some things never change. Some people also never change. Some relationships are permanent. The bond we share with our parents is one such example. They are always there to support us in times of need. The constancy of the waves is the best analogy for a family’s love and support. Though it is actually large the portion the amount that is actually expressed varies with time. It never means that their love for us ever comes down. It just means that the manifestation changes with the circumstances.
The beach is popular for the feel good factor it imparts. There is something about a beach which creates a happy feeling in us. Whenever we see the beach water and the kites flying in the wind we feel tempted to make a stop there. Its just a happy place. At the beach no one is pretending to be anything. Everyone comes to have fun and take a break from their exhausting and tight packed schedules. You can just lay down on the sands and think about the times that lie ahead or ponder over the things that have past.

You can play in the water too. Oh what fun it is! The warm sun on your face and the cool water on your feet… It’s just perfect. If you haven’t discovered some of the best beaches yet , I’ll give you a list of the five must visit beaches around the world.
1. Juhu beach, Mumbai , India :
This is one of the most visited beaches in India. People visit this beach to try out the local cuisine and early birds also watch the sunrise. The best time to visit this beach is from October to March.
2. Nha Trang:
A coastal city found in the Kahn Hoa Province, Nha Trang is just one of the many tourism gems of Vietnam. Aside from the loveliest beaches in the country, Nha Trang is also home to underwater attractions that can be explored by scuba diving. Nha Trang is perfect for both backpackers and those who have more to spend for a luxurious holiday.
3. Koh Phangan, Thailand
The second entry for Thailand in this list, the island of Koh Phangan in the southern part of the country is perfect for young travellers who want to party in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Every month, there is a Full Moon party in Haad Rin, where plenty of delightful drinks and mouth-watering dishes can be had for low prices.
4. White Beach, Phillipines
White Beach is one of the most popular beaches on one of the worlds most famous archipelago. This beach attracts tourists all around the year for its mere beauty.
5. Candolim, Goa, India
The long straight stretch of Candolim Beach is lined with shacks and bars, which back onto scrub covered sand dunes. It’s a lively beach that has managed to retain its cleanliness, and even peacefulness in some areas. Peacefulness is a key factor to be considered while visiting beaches in India.

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