Exotic Marriage

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There are various inevitable realities in life that one way or another, come to your realization. These realities bring you a realization that there are certain events that are essential for a better existence. Among such realities, marriage is of the most important ones.

Marriage is a ritual that binds two souls together in a sacrosanct relationship and gives them a new direction in life. It instills in the individuals a sense of emotional responsibility that ought to be fulfilled anyhow.  The vivid, enriching yet tough domain of marriage shapes personalities and ushers in a new phase of life.

For something as essential as marriage, it is preferable to begin with it through a memorable marriage ceremony.  Since the idea of getting marriage in a marriage hall seems to lack ebullience, people are diverting their attention towards exotic locations to give their ceremonies a memorable touch.

Today, there are millions of places to go and get married. There are several places where you can have “Happily-ever-after” realization. However, this article has picked one of the finest locations in the world where you can have a heartwarming, beautiful, and scintillating marriage ceremony.

Without further ado, let us make our own choice from among the best places.

1. Boldt Castle

Almost every girl goes through “fairytale-ish” childhood where she imagines herself as young, pretty bride awaiting her prince who would come to her on a white horse, or may be Unicorn, and give her a true love kiss.  For such an experience, would not a Castle be the best option?

Castles are gorgeously romantic. Marrying in a castle gives you a princess-like feeling. No matter how far our world has gone, there would be always a soft corner for places like Castles.

If your heart pounds for a fairytale-ish marriage, Boldt castle is the right choice.

Situated on the border of New York State, it has successfully enveloped itself with a royal membrane and does not allow the modern atmospheres around it to intervene.

Run away to the Boldt castle.

Run away to the Boldt castle.

2. Puerto Vallarta

Mexico is where this place is and it is as earthy and bright as possible.

From beautiful vast coastlines to varieties of cuisines, this place offers an electable experience. The setting is ideal for quite, decent ceremonies.   Your best bet for a sighting happens from December through May, when the massive mammals travel to the balmy Bay of Banderas to mate. Since the popularity of the place is extraordinary, there are several magnificent resorts and spas that can easily add to your marriage budget and make your ceremony more eye-catching.

Welcome to Mexico!

Welcome to Mexico!

3. Cayman Islands

This place is very popular in movies. In fact, you must have already seen it in several romantic music videos. This place is indeed one of the most romantic places to get married.

The serenity that sinks in the atmosphere would embrace you gently and ensure peace to your body and soul.   Boasting world-famous beaches, reputable vendors and simple marriage requirements, this place can be a very wise choice.



4. Hawaii

Even the Count Dracula from Hotel Transylvania could not resist love in Hawaii. Imagine the magic that Hawaii has.

From an entirely different Hawaiian cultural to extensive coastlines, Hawaii offers everything in abundance.  You can arrange a small, quiet marriage ceremony under a palm tree, enjoy a decent feast, and taste the lavishness that is in the air.

Would it not be better if the setting itself is romantic that you require little efforts to make your ceremony one?

We all look for places like this that work as natural facilitators of romance. Maui is one of those few places, which give an entirely different dimension to marriage ceremonies.  From watching the sunrise from Haleakala to simply strolling barefoot on beach, romance is there at every nook and corner of Maui in Hawaii.



5. Mauritius

We have mentioned quite a few beaches here in the list but there is no mention of the best beaches, which lie nowhere but in Mauritius.

The crystal clear blue ocean, white sands where you can sink your feet, open-air resorts and whatnot make Mauritius a hot destination for getting married.

After all, Mauritius is said to have inspired heavens.

an Oh-my-God place.

an Oh-my-God place.

6. Darjeeling

A place where clouds drown in the peace that prevails over this little hill station.  It is one of the top destinations in India for marriages and honeymoon and there is no wonder as to why.

From the Tiger Hill sunrise point to Toy Train, Darjeeling provides you plenty opportunities to make your marriage ceremony a blast. The styled market, where you can find traditional and imported products easily, and where you can easily spot wonderfully designed churches.

On the top of everything, excellent weather adds to the romance.

A place filled with love.

A place filled with love.

7. Grand Hotel, Florence

If you are looking for a grand, opulent wedding, Grand Hotel is the one and only choice for you. The ultimate “wow” you would have ever experienced.

Situated on the River Arno in the heart of Florence, the Grand Hotel is an 18th Century palace transformed into a luxury hotel. The setting itself is perfect for a ceremony like marriage.

From the hanging, scintillating chandeliers to elaborate, ancestral carvings on the walls, this palace-turned-Hotel is a bewitching sight for anyone. It would very smoothly create a heavenly sensation to those who would be getting married.