When you are expecting

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Well, one of the most joyous news in a woman’s life is when she conceives. This is also shadowed by immense fear, caution and raging hormones. Pregnancy sounds like a daunting prospect with the lack of sleep, random intense emotional outbursts, nausea and the fear of delivering a child. The side effects of pregnancy are many but one thing that we can control is the weight issue. The reason this is of utmost importance is that women go through an emotional upheaval even after giving birth, and that usually is always negative. Therefore, when they look at the mirror, they see a flabby, over weight and sore woman, that just adds to pile of reasons for them to be upset about. Since, we can only hope to control the physical aspects of this process, it is better to try to eliminate the reasons which may later lead to a tide of tears. Hence if you are a figure conscious being, you have to understand that after pregnancy it is only normal to have gained weight, luckily you can hit your regular workout session right after delivery. So there is nothing  for you to worry about. And if you do not want to risk that, we will help you keep in shape with certain exercises which are absolutely safe even during the nine months. Celebrity mothers like Jessica Alba and Halle Berry work with their trainer Ramona Braganza who helps them get through pregnancy while continuing with their cardio workout sessions with certain modifications. Ramona modifies her usual 3 – 2 -1 cardio routine to a 2 – 2 – 1 for the soon to be mommy.

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The workout plan does not only cater to your figure but it is also modified in a way so that all the aches and pains that accompany pregnancy can be reduced to a bare minimum.


  • CLAMS: For this you will have to lie down on your side, hips stacked and knees bent pointing forward. Then place your left arm on the floor and your left ear pressed on your biceps. With your toes together lift your right knee without changing your hip position and exhale, drawing your abs toward your spine and then slowly return to your starting position.0
  • DIPPING TOES: If you are in your first trimester, start by lying on your back, otherwise sit in a chair or lie on two pillows elevating your upper body. Now bend your legs into a table top position so that your shins are parallel to the ceiling. If you are sitting in a chair then keep them parallel to the wall, feet lifted. Now exhale drawing in your abs and dip your right foot toward the floor and then repeat with the left leg.
  • KEGEL: Kegel exercises were named such after the gynaecologist who created them essentially aim at strengthening your pelvic muscles. This can be carried out sitting, standing or lying down. It is extremely easy, all you have to do is try imitate the actions when you try to stop yourself from peeing. Try to do this without contracting your belly muscles or inner thigh muscles. There are two types of Kegel exercises, quickies and long periods. During the quickies you will have to contract and relax in quick succession. However, for the longer period one, you will have to contract your muscles and hold them in for a while before relaxing them. Doing 10 reps of each type should be enough.


  • Squats with biceps extension: Start the routine by holding 5 – 8 pound dumbbells, with your arms on your sides and you feet apart. Now squat, keeping your weight concentrated on your heels and simultaneously do biceps curls with both hands. Do about 10 reps of this one.images (5)
  • Lunges with shoulder rises: Start with the right leg in front and the left leg behind it and try to balance yourself on the ball of your left foot, keeping your hips facing forward. Keep your arms bent on your sides and your body slightly bent forward from the hips. Now bend your knees into a lung and extend your elbows at the same time. 10 – 15 reps is enough.pregnant-woman-squats-315x315

Though there are not too many exercises listed here, however, doing these few regularly will help immensely in reducing the aches and pains. It also does help, in keeping your body toned and fit, not to mention taking your mind off the usual pregnancy hassles of everyday. It is also a given that you perform these exercises under professional supervision and it is best to join a fitness group that caters to the expecting women. So have fun working out and to all the fitness maniacs, it is a request, please do not overdo anything. Stick to a healthy diet routine rich in proteins, nutrients and carbohydrates. Do not even think about dieting at this time. It is all about eating well and working out a little to reduce the calories. Ladies, try to have fun while working out and do not worry, it will not harm you or your little one at all and remember that irrespective of how much weight you gain, you are always beautiful.