Falling in Love.. with Myself!

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Summer days will soon be gone while the pleasant monsoon winds and the slight breezes will begin to freshen up our minds and souls tickling our loving sides. There will finally be some respite from the scorching heat and the tormenting sun and it is going to be the perfect time to fall in love. Yes, I’m planning to fall insanely in love, are you too? But with whom? Well I would say, this time try yourself!

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We love so many people around us. There is family, there are friends and then there is also a boyfriend/girlfriend whom we love with all our sincerity, I suppose! And we also seek love from those people in return as being loved makes us feel good, happy and worthy. But how many of us have actually fallen in love with ourselves? Accepted the way we are, with all our flaws and fumbles and yet saw the sweet silver lining and sincerely loved the person we are from inside? If you haven’t, it’s still not too late. Falling in love with own self can be truly wonderful and will make you not only emotionally independent but it also complete you in your own delightful way. Here is why I think it’s too important to love thyself first and then anybody else.

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It gives you a great sense of confidence

Most of us spend major portions of our lives doing things to sway others, to gain appreciation from them and to be liked by those around us. After all appreciations and compliments give us a confidence boost and I guess there is nothing wrong with it either. We try dressing up a certain way so we come across as charming as we can. We put on our impressive clothes, do our impressive hair and speak our impressive words so people would love us. But when a person loves himself, he doesn’t strive for approvals from somebody else but instead feels confident on his own. When you have fallen in love with yourself you won’t need another person to tell you that you look good or how smart or intelligent you are but you will know yourself and that gives a sense of confidence boost nothing else can.

It makes life kinda easy

A human being communicates and bonds with others of its kind to get some company. So he can have somebody to share his joys and sorrows with. And friends and family are actually quite good at it. They often provide us with an emotional or a moral support in the hour of need which helps us in tackling minor and major problems alike and eventually making through life. But somewhere that also makes one relied upon others to seek help but if you believe in yourself, if you trust your instincts and love the way you are then that sure as hell makes your life a whole lot easier and you start thinking of yourself as self dependent and capable of facing even the harsh situations. It won’t make you or your life lonely but a lot independent and easier.

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It prospers your relationships

People often say that loving yourself is the first step of loving somebody else. And your relationship with yourself has a lot to do with your relationship with others. Unless you like the person you see daily in the mirror and are happy with it you cannot be happy in a relationship with somebody else nor can keep them happy. To have a blissful and content relationship, one needs to be content with himself first. Only then insecurities and complexes don’t get a role to play and one can find contentment with their partner.

It keeps you in a happier place

It’s true that self-criticism often helps us to push our boundaries and improve ourselves but celebration of one’s person-hood can do more good to you than you ever thought. Being in love with yourself makes life more pleasurable and enjoyable. You can live with an unmatched self-esteem and look at everything life has to offer with an amazing zest. You don’t constantly mock yourself for not being what you wanted to be but have come to agreeable terms with your life and with you. You feel blessed for being the way you are and are thankful for what you achieved so far. You won’t push yourself in the hole of self-pity for not reaching your goals but will learn respecting yourself for the ones you do have reached. You will be able to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and will be able to look past them and focus on the brighter side.

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Falling in love with oneself can be truly amazing and rewarding as well. It can give you a different perspective altogether to lead your life and be amazed by its adventures and surprises, to live it with all your heart and be happy and positive. That’s why I’m planning on falling in love with myself. Not because I already don’t have enough people to love or get love from but I think it’s high time to accept how awesome I am! And hey, you don’t forget to fall in love with yourself too.

An interior design student with high hopes and high ambitions. While I love imagining pretty things and fumbling with all the creative ideas inside my little head I insanely love to write! Hope you have a good time reading me!