The fantastic five dry fruits for you

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Even after being a fussy eater, it has become my daily routine to grab a pocketful of dry fruits on my way to college due to my pestering mother saying that it is good for my hair, skin and eyes. But honestly, such small five things doing so much was a little unbelievable. So I did my own little research(It was just a Google search basically) and came up with the results which made me have them daily. There are five things which my mom makes me have so I had decided to search about them. After my search, I believe that they are more than enough.

And the best part, it helps you to maintain your weight as you then avoid indulging in unhealthy food products.(I don’t have to name them now, do I?)

1) Almonds

Good for the brain eh? Well they are. Also with that they help in reducing the risks of heart attacks. It does so by protecting the arterial walls as it is a good source of vitamin E. They are especially good for bones and teeth.(Overall development I believe)It serves as a boon for diabetic people as it lowers their blood sugar. They are also a great source of fibre.


2) Walnuts

I love how they look like tiny brains.(Don’t you?)

According to scientists, walnuts contain a special hormone namely melatonin that helps in improving your sleep.(Goodbye, Insomnia!) .It has amazing anti-oxidants which protects our healthy body cells from harmful free radicals. It can give the best protection in today’s time as they prevent the cancer cells in our body from reproducing.

3) Cashew nuts

I can have these anything even without my mom nudging me. They are available in the market as plain, salted and spicy. I happen to love them all.

One of the major benefit of eating cashew nuts is that it helps our body to fight against cancerous cells due to their copper content. They are good for your heart as they are fat-free and have no cholesterol. (Yay!)They can also help people with high blood pressure to keep a check on their nerves as it has a high content of magnesium. It is also a natural hair colour if you want jet black hair. It can also save you from that pathetic migraine and keeps your nerves and muscles relaxed.

It can be of great help for people who suffer from digestive problems. It also protects us from macular degeneration (an eye disease which can lead to blurred vision or permanent blindness) by blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays.

4) Raisins

If you an athlete or a body builder, you would need to have high levels of energy and a certain weight. Raisins can help you to maintain that. They also help the body to efficiently absorb proteins, nutrients and other minerals. Hence, they help to build a good immune system. They are helpful in relieving constipation as they swell up in size after absorbing water.(Endosmosis. To be exact.)

Since they are so sweet in taste, I bet you can chew them up like toffees without the fear of cavities and tooth decay as they contain an acid which kills the harmful bacteria.

They are also believed to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

They can treat people suffering from anemia as they are an excellent source of iron.


Well they are also sweet and the richest source of vitamin B and other vitamins among all other dry fruits I mentioned. They aid in preventing constipation as they are a good source of dietary fibre.

But they have lots of advantages other than this.

They are great energy boosters as they contain sugars such as glucose and fructose in their natural forms. They have high sodium, potassium and iron content useful in regulating a healthy nervous system and also for treating anemia.

For people who are extremely thin and want to gain weight for a change, they should have it often. It is also excellent helper of liver for drug detoxification.

According to reports, it can cure abdominal cancer. Yes, CURE. The best part being that it has no side effects and is way cheaper than medicines. They also help in improving sights of people suffering from night blindness.

So now I believe we have enough reasons to actually make a habit of having them daily. When had together, they surely beat the boring morning cereal and can fill up your tummy in no time and are also very yummy(Have I told you that already?)For people who are always in a hurry(especially when late for the first lecture of a cranky teacher) you don’t need to miss on your daily balanced diet, just have a glass of milk with a handful of these dry fruits and you would be super charged for the rest of your day!

So start your day on a good note (for a change!) with adequate sleep and loads on unleashed energy in you!

Be a sunshine in others life by carrying a pocket full of nuts.

I guess I forgot to tell you, I am NUTS about NUTS!

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.