Fat shaming is bad : 6 words that hurt

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You see a very very heavy woman with jiggly arms and big belly and you probably thank your body for not turning out like that. You see an obese man trying to sit on a chair and people snicker and mock him. You notice an overweight kid trying to walk through the door but he is unable to, no doubt people laugh.

Fat shaming is a bullying tactic, picking on people, or making fun of a fat person, under the guise of helping them realize they need to lose a lot of weight. There is no doubt that being obese will seriously damage your health, lead to diabetes, cholesterol problems and heart disease but idolizing size zero models with 0% fat on their bodies is not right at all. Yes there are people with jiggle arms, bloated bellies, and a little more fat than required but who says they are not beautiful or good looking?


Our attitudes towards weight and size are very harmful to women and men and this can harm confidence and affect your peace and happiness.

If you use these terms in your daily life, you are inadvertently aiding in fat shaming. All of these are medical problems and here are some interesting facts about each:

  1. Double chin:

It is true double chins seems to manifest themselves over time in a person’s life and it is also true that people who are very much overweight usually develop double chins. However, there is fixed claim stating that if you gain weight will have a double chin or if you lose weight you will lose a double chin. Natural methods like a healthy diet plus face yoga might help this

  1. Love handles:

Love handles is an informal term for excess deposits of fat in the waistline. Such people have trouble wearing jeans or dresses as the fat tends to stick out and give an appearance of a large waistline. Unhealthy eating, lack of cardio exercises and slow metabolism leads to this.


However,the appearance of this is increased when you’re stressed as your body releases a chemical called cortisol. This chemical encourages the storage of fat around your stomach. In fact, studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between people with high stress levels and bulging waistlines!

Also diabetics are prone to this and have a hard time controlling their weight  as  Insulin promotes the storage of fat in your body.

Weight gain predominantly around the hips and thighs in the typical girly areas can be a sign of a relatively low level of progesterone, a hormone that acts as an anti-anxiety agent, an antidepressant. To boost the lymphatic system cardio is the best way. Go for walks, take up cycling to work. Climb the stairs and try to get some physical activity.

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  1. Muffin top: It is a roll of fat visible above the top of a pair of women’s tight-fitting low-waisted trousers. This is a sign of problems in your gut and in your liver, and that’s causes people to be in  increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. There is no direct way of spot-reducing this but you can eat well, stick to fruits and vegetables and get cardiovascular exercise.


  1. Back bum/fat:

If you have recently acquired a pudgy roll under your bra line then it could be a sign that your liver needs help. Alcohol and processed foods give the liver a tough time. Your liver processes the toxins first and then goes to the food which means fat gets stored and energy is released. Reducing intake of alcohol, processed foods and other toxic substances is a great first step.

  1. Thunder thighs:

This is the slang for heavy or fat thighs. The hormone Estrogen causes fat to deposit around the lower tummy,butt and hips of women while for men, fat is stored in the belly area. Nutrition plays a major role in having “thunder thighs”. You are what you eat and if you eat junk/bad foods you will cause imbalances and store excess fat/ health problems. Food like cereals, breads, pasta, rice (both white and wholemeal) sweets, chocolate,are sugar high foods and lack protein which isn’t good for the body.

Here’s a fun fact; According to a study published in the online journal bmj.com, men and women with small thighs face a higher risk of having heart disease and of dying prematurely.


Drinking enough water is a good first step. By drinking water it will flush toxins out of your system, by not drinking enough water you won’t be flushing these harmful toxins out so they are then free to cause damage.

  1. Bingo wings:

This refers to flabby upper arms which hang loosely from the skin. Flabby arms indicate a lack of the hormone testosterone, which plays a pivotal role in producing lean body mass.


Although this hormone is associated with males even women need it. To prevent further fat deposits on the arms, encourage your body’s production of testosterone naturally by consuming more protein. Fat, or cholesterol, is also essential for the production of testosterone so food like nuts, eggs and butter should be eaten. Weight training boosts testosterone production. Push-ups and chin-ups are great for toning those trouble spot



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