Find your Partner and Do the Yoga!

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Whoever of us thought that yoga is a solo sport is wrong. You’ll know in a while how partner yoga might be even more beneficial than doing it solo. It’s a program that’s catching up fast among yoga studios. Involving a partner will make it more interesting and beneficial in terms of not only your flexibility and connection but also improves mental, spiritual and emotional health.

What is partner yoga?

In simple words, a practice that involves two people in the poses one usually takes is called partner yoga. A few of these poses are assisted by your partner where he/she helps you stretch while you adjust into a deeper pose while others are where both of you are mutually receiving benefits. A number of Yoga experts believe that practicing yoga with one other person on the mat is amazing. According to them, you could explore your physical potential to far greater limits by practicing with your partner.

To whom does it restrict to?

One of the most mistaken perceptions about partner yoga is that it requires two people who are romantically involved. However this is far from the truth. The actuality of partner yoga is that you can practice is with anyone you like. It just requires two people who trust each other whether romantically involved or not. The fact of the matter is Partner Yoga is a great team building exercise. It helps you connect with and to trust your partner.

How does it help you?

Partner yoga’s benefits reach beyond the traditional advantages of yoga.
Partner yoga is about touch. Touch, it makes people feel so uncomfortable; however the truth is that the benefits of physically touching a human body are uncountable. The response of supposed threat diminishes by a human touch. Pain can be managed by therapeutic touch.
Another misconception by people is that the touch in partner yoga is intimate; news for you guys, it’s not true. A good yoga teacher will help guide partners through poses that are deep and teaches them to adjust to one another’s forms.
Performing this art can also help you in breaking down any sort of walls or boundaries you seem to have with your partner. It strengthens relationship of the participants and also increases the yoga skill level as an individual.
Performing partner yoga with a loved one however becomes special. Through the poses they make, they bond, laugh and sometimes work out the issues they might be having against one another. Awareness of relationships increase and partner yoga teaches us trust and communication whether verbal or non-verbal.

How many types of partner yoga are there?

There are a number of partner yoga classes; though most programs merges into one another in a class.

  • Acro-yoga: This type of yoga is like using a yoga mat to perform gymnastics on it. It is fun and only an experienced teacher can make the experience worthwhile.
  • Doubles Yoga: In this type of yoga, you are asked to mirror your partner while assisting each other in balancing. Yoga poses are created by doing double yoga.
  • Partner flow: A series of flowing poses is called partner flow while each partner stretches different body areas at the same time.
  • Contact yoga: The main emphasis of this yoga is to create a connection between both partners. Maintaining perfect form may not be necessary here.
  • Partner assisted yoga: It is like a Thai massage. In this form, one partner helps to stretch and provide traction to the other. The other person feels better and relaxed while being stretched.

Keep in mind when you partner up:

  • Learning partner yoga is beneficial only when you learn it from an experienced professional. No book or article may help you as much as they do. Only they can help you perfectly man oeuvre each pose without you hurting yourselves.
  • If you’re doing it for the first time, don’t be shy. Find a partner who does. Or worse, go seek the help of your trainer. You can partner yoga with any level of fitness; you need not be perfect to do it.
  • Your ego is not welcome at partner yoga. Competing with your partner is the worst thing you could do. Listen what your body says to you. When it starts to hurt stop, and when it feels good, relax into the pose.
  • Save your knees and spine. The stretches that are performed in this practice can be deep. So keep a healthy communication with your partner. While performing stretches, use your own body weight and not the back.
  • It is very important that you open up to your partner to avoid any sort of severe injury. Communication verbally or non-verbally is important.

But most importantly it is a territory only you and your partner can explore. Partner yoga has been known to build long lasting relationships. Sometimes, it gives better results than couples counseling. Relationships between couples, mother-daughters and parents and their kids can drastically improve if they spend a little amount of their time partnering up for yoga. It is a less traveled road, but the most significant one.