Fitness Frenzy and How to be One

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“Health is wealth”-This quote we have heard ample of times in our lives but people ,this ought not to be taken lightly as it hides a very important knowing.Being disease free is not usually considered being healthy.True health is attained when a human is devoid of all tension and physical and mental stress.


Fitness depends on the kind of food we eat and also the kind of workout we do.Having junk foods or fast foods due to time crunch has more adverse effects on our body that we can think of.Foods with high content of carbohydrates and fats do more harm to our body than good.

Fitness also lies in the fact that we should inculcate healthy habits of eating.Healthy eating includes having a balanced diet atleast three times a day with adequate amount of fresh fruits and salad and ofcourse water too.

It seems these days that the whole world has been bitten by the fitness bug.From six pack abs in men to size zero in women,there is a mad frenzy to reach their ideal weight and have an ideal body.

Previously,it was observed that only men logged their hours in the gym sweating off.But these days more and more women are enrolling as well to stay fit.

According to a survey by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, one in every four teens reported that  they do atleast one hour or more of physical activity.

Every human according to doctors should donate atleast an hour on their physical activity and fitness.

Today,every man,woman and youth is conscious of his or her weight and looks.It is believed to be a part of their personality development.Each and every wants to put their best foot forward and work hard towards their goal.

Enrolling in a gym or any other kind of fitness regime is a necessity today.Since because of the work pressure and the stressful routines of office leave everyone tired and exhausted and often turn them into a couch potato.There is a need today to love ourselves and hence in order to have any kind of physical exercise,we enroll ourselves in routines.

Presently we are more conscious about what we eat,how we look,how we dress than we were  ten years ago.

Some of the fitness routines which gained popularity due to celebrity status and are a rage worldwide are-

Zumba-It was started in 1990s by a dancer and choreographer named Alberto Beto Perez.It involves a mixture of dance and aerobics.Zumba’s dance moves incorporates different styles of dancing such as salsa,samba,hip hop and even martial arts.It is believed that it helps to build a person’s stamina and flexibity by strenghthening the inner core of the body.

Although the real reason I believe that it has gained so much momentum is because it incorporates thumping feet tapping music which could every person in the mood to wriggle and jiggle his or her body.Beyonce is one such celebrity who is associated with this fitness routine.

Pilates-Ever since the world got to know that Catherine Elizabeth aka ‘Kate’,The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton attend pilate classes to stay fit,there has been a huge number of people who hav enrolled for such classes too. Our bollywood celebrities too are not far behind.Pilates is believed to build muscle strength,flexibility and also strength and endurance in specific body parts such as arms,hips,legs,abdomen and back.It helps to improve breathing and to also achieve balance and coordination of mind and body.The difficulty level is increased as and when the body gets used to a particular level of hardness of the routine.

Aerobics-It is a form of physical exercise which ensures that there is a whole body development involved in the form of stretching,aerobic exercises and strength training.There are different types of aerobics which focus on different parts of the body and the level of toughness that is endured in it.It is usually accompanied by music and often starts with basic warming up exercises.Aerobics courses are mostly offered by different gyms with a certified instructor.

Yoga-It had originated in India and slowly due to its effectiveness spread towards the west.It helps you to attain peace,to be calm,and also develops a better communication between the body and the soul.It does not require any equipments.It helps to attain ideal body weight ,fitness and strength in all parts of the body. Bollywood celebrites like Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu are also publicizing and encouraging this form of physical fitness routine.

Meditation being a major part of yoga helps us to attain inner peace.

Exercising is a good way to stay fit but as it is said that anything in excess is not good is an advice that we should take seriously.

Exercising beyond the limits of our bodies often leads to serious injuries and muscular pains.It is often suggested that you always have a certified instructor while working out in order to avoid injuries which are booming these days.

We should also keep in mind that exercising is good but also eating as per the daily needs of our body is  important to save ourselves from getting weak and lethargic.One should make a habit of eating healthy and exercising healthy to unveil the true powers of our body and mind.


Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.