Fitness Motivation, Here You Go!

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There are only two kind of people in the world – those who work out and those who don’t. Needless to say who’re healthier, stronger and sharper. Some people come up with the excuse that they joined a gym, but the workouts were too difficult, or they felt too shy to lift about one tenth of the big guys already lifting there.

Some say that they don’t have enough time to put on, or don’t have enough money for a gym membership.

Well, die with the excuses. The only reason most of the beginners can’t continue the workouts is that they lack into the motivation. The driving force is absent, which makes them come up with meaningless excuses. The only thing required in being fit is motivation and dedication. Here’s how you can build up the motivational part with solutions to the so called excuses:

  • The Time Factor. The number one excuse of all time. You may be busy virtually doing nothing, but you won’t work out. If you can’t dedicate a full hour at the gym every day, you can make upon your chances at the time-voids. For example, prefer the stairs rather than the lift if the number of storey is not that big. Go to the nearby market walking or cycling rather than using your automated vehicles. If you’re busy on the weekdays, you can schedule your workouts on the weekends.
  • Split your long term goals into sub-goals. You might have the goal of lifting more than a hundred kilos overhead in a year or so. It would be better if you could split that into monthly ones, like 30 kilos by the end of the first month, 40 by the end of the other and so on. As you go heavy, it’ll gradually become more difficult to push the weight limits by the same amount. Achievement of the sub-goals will keep yourself engaged as well as you’ll keep feeling that taste of achievement, which will motivate you to lift further.


  • It Hurts!!! Well, exercises are supposed to hurt. Unless they hurt, you won’t grow. A good physique and a healthy body comes at a price. See that sweat drooling down from your forehead? That’s fat weeping as it is burning. The pain? It’s the weakness leaving the body as you push your limits. The very next day of your first-day-workout is supposed to hurt. Your muscles weren’t out-of-use for a long time and their sudden usage made a lot of lactic acid accumulation in them. That’s fatigue. If you breathe properly during the workouts and stretch properly after the workouts, this accumulation could be reduced to some levels. As the days will progress, the fatigue would be lowered gradually.
  • I don’t know how to exercise. The world today runs on the internet. Go to the YouTube and you can find the proper video tutorials of almost any exercise you want to do. There are many websites which give the proper schedule of exercises too, be it the body weight exercise, strength training or weightlifting.
  • It’s costly! The proteins, the gym membership, the supplements and all. No, it’s not. If you can’t afford the gym membership and neither can you afford the equipment, you always have an option of calisthenics (the body weight exercises). If you can’t afford proteins, but can afford the big mac burger, shame on you. Anyway, eggs are cheaper than most of the foods out there. They’re full of nutrition including some of the major micronutrients as well as the macronutrients. Same is the milk. Potato can supply the carbohydrates while broccoli can supply fibres and various other micronutrients. You can spend money on these things, rather than wasting it on the junk foods.


  • I’ve joined over a month ago, where’re my abs? This question is ridiculous. Abs don’t grow on trees, you rather have to shed a lot of sweat to gain them. It takes time for the physique to change and develop positively. A month is not enough. World class bodybuilders and fitness models work for many years to achieve the physique they own. You can’t just reach that level in a month. However, there becomes a significant increment in your strength levels after a month of good training, which you can always feel. For example, you won’t pant heavily after climbing to a 3 storey building. Have patience and keep working on, results will start appearing pretty soon!
  • I’m very tired. Can’t work out! Well, everyone feels so at times. Maybe you should check if you’re getting a good night’s sleep and whether your diet is balanced containing all the essential nutrients or not. People don’t want to do stuff they feel boring. That’s why most students don’t wanna study. The idea is to make the thing interesting enough. You can set small goals and reward yourself if you could achieve them in time. Fitness is not necessarily lifting weights in the gym. You might be in love with football. Join a small club near your home, and start playing. Enjoy the two in one: entertainment as well as fitness.
  • I don’t feel motivated enough. In that case, probably you should check out the profiles of elite bodybuilders. Like various fitness pages on Facebook and keep getting the updates. Watch the motivational fitness videos on the internet. Put on those earphones and play that hard metal songs while you push yourself across the limits.



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