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Woman with a hangover after a party


Partied hard? And now your head hurting like somebody is banging with a sturdy hammer and your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth. And then things become even worse when you decide to take a look at the mirror the morning that follows. You look like you have survived a disease or were hit by a car, and haven’t got any sleep in a week. All this and you have meeting to attend in an hour. Parties are fun but the morning that follows isn’t. The head ache, the drowsiness and the puckish feeling that gets even worse when it is visible on your face. Puffy eyes, dark circles and a dull face is all you see in the mirror and that is enough to ruin your day at the office or college. Here are some quick fixes that will help you go through the day and will make the signs of the previous night invisible,

Sleep in the right position:
Sleeping in the right position can save you from getting puffy eyes is to be sleeping in the right position. To keep away this keep your head elevated while you are sleeping, this will save you from having puffy eyes the following morning. Keep at least two pillows under your head to keep away from your biggest fear of looking like a puffed up chicken.

Conceal it with a concealer:
Although puffy eyes can be cured by keeping your head elevated but dark circles don’t vanish that easily so all you can do is hide them for the time being. Invest in a good concealer , it will always save you from looking low and sleep deprived. Just use it aptly. Apply a generous amount of concealer and merge it well to your skin tone. And you are ready to go.
They help banish dark under -eye circles. Congealers counteract dark bags and redness to give your eyes a wake-up call. And also make you look fresh and even-tones.


invest in a good quality blush in the right shade that suits your skin tone. A dash of bronzer will elevate your sleep deprived skin and will instantly make you look fresh and dewy. If you want to look a little fresher you can add a hint of pink or peach to your cheeks. The uplift your face and make you look awakened even when you didn’t got enough sleep.

Home remedies that can de-puff:
There are a multiple home remedies that can help you get rid og the puffines and will make you look all normal again.
Take a tea bag and dip it into cold water and then keep it in the freezer for about ten minutes. After this put it on your eyes. This will help you get rid of the puffiness and will make your eyes wide open.
Another way by which you can get you rid of puffy eyes is cucumber slices, they are one of the oldest and the most effective way of getting rid of puffy eyes and dark circles. Just cut slices of cucumber and put them on your eyes and relax potato slices can be used in the same way, regular use will make the dark circles vanish forever.

Moisturizing lotions:

no matter it’s a summer day or a winter one, never ever forget to moisturize your face. Moisturizers go deep within and make your skin supple again. Also if you have consumed alcohol, it drains out all the moisture in your skin so moisturizing lotions will help re hydrate your skin and will also reduce the redness making it look fresh and soft.
Neutral eyeliner:
this is magic quick fix for red puffy eyes, while dark colored eye liners in blacks and metallic colors enhance the appearance of the torture your eyes have gone through, neutral eye liners in natural pastel colors make them look fresh. This is a instant way of hiding the redness and making your eyes bigger and brighter with no signs of puff or red.


well when things go beyond your control and your head just cant stop pounding just take help from your aid box. Gulp a aspirin down your throat and this will help reduce the head ache and will also make you get away with the fatigued body your trying to drag to your office. It’s a good old way to save the day. Take an aspirin and you are ready to go.

Eat the right food:

It is very important to have a good heavy breakfast; an empty stomach can emancipate the problem to another level altogether. To get your day off to a great start, choose apple juice or diluted orange juice and some eggs on toast. The juice will help restore your blood glucose levels and stop you feeling jittery and lousy. eggs will not only stave off crab cravings as they are rich in protein, they’re also rich in vitamin B12, one of the B-group vitamins depleted by too much alcohol. So take a glass of juice with some egg and toast have a aspirin after you’re done with your breakfast and nobody can stop you.